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Thread: Prius in Snow

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    I am in totaly agreement

    I am in totaly agreement with bobK. He perfectly describes my experience on a snowy Saturday morning Indiana. First there is a downhill that ends at a road where I must turn and then go up a steep hill. I am so glad I was the only car on the hill at the time. It was scary. It was exactly as he described.

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    I live in Philadelphia. Last

    I live in Philadelphia. Last year was the most snow on record in the Philadelphia region. I must say I am impressed with the cars ability to get around in the snow. The roads I travel are mostly flat. The thing that impresses me the most is its ability to get out of parallel parking spots when heavily snowed in. One problem that I find is that the middle of street tends to have higher amounts of snow. When it first snows and cars initially hit the roads, the bottom of the car can scrape the snow. Overall living in the city I am pleased with the cars performance in the snow. I do believe the overall weight of the vehicle helps with the cars ability to get around in the snow. I am pleased however I travel 90% flat roads/streets living in Philadelphia.

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    I had same problems, though,

    I had same problems, though, there is a place for a tow rope under the right front side. I fortunately was able to be pulled up the hill. Anyone with info on good/best all weather tires for the Prius? (2004)

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    I just got a 2010 Prius II.

    I just got a 2010 Prius II. Stock tires were scary at first. It's not bad now, I think I just learned how to drive better. But I need more ground clearance for the winter time. Has anyone tried a higher profile tire than 65's

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    I've driven it a Prius for 4

    I've driven it a Prius for 4 years and would have, until yesterday, said it's great in snow. If you have any resistance on an uphill grade---say the snow is a little frozen on top ---you can't spin the drive tires to your advantage----you can floor it and if it's going to slip you have nothing---NOTHING--- And you can't spin them to break through a thin coat of ice to a good surface. Very irritating but I still love the car.
    You need to be able to disengage this feature and then it would be fine.

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    Had same problems with the

    Had same problems with the Prius in the snow, didn't like that the car just stops moving when it hits snow with a small incline. Had to use my wife vehicle when the weather was bad and left her without transportation. Bought a new FJcruiser which I love and it can go anywhere it want too, also the the gas mileage isn't bad for an SUV either, it get consistently 21mpg.

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    I have an 07 Prius and have

    I have an 07 Prius and have driven it several times in the snow here in Missouri. My other car is a Jeep. I'm glad I have the Jeep.

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    I've driven my Prius for two

    I've driven my Prius for two winters in Utah. I live in a box canyon and haven't had any problems driving in the slush or snow.

    I agree the traction control thing is counter intuitive. But my question for anyone who complains about excess slipping is: what psi are your tires? If you still have your tires overinflated to get better mileage, of course they will be squirrelly. Drop them down to 35psi and see if you still have the problem.

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    Holy crap. I totaled my

    Holy crap. I totaled my Chevy Cavavlier last Thursday when I hit black ice. That car had TERRIBLE mileage but AWESOME traction control. So, I rushed out and got a 2009 Prius on Monday, all excited about the mileage, and NOW we get snow. Took a short trip in the city tonight and almost hit a car in front of me at a stoplight. After reading this, I WILL NOT be driving over hills and valleys to get to work in the morning. Do I need to go to a dealer to get winter tires installed? Help!!!

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    I got Blizzaks for my 2009

    I got Blizzaks for my 2009 Prius - what a difference. They arrived in 2 days from tirerack.com, just in time before the biggest snowstorm of the season in Chicago. I went from slipping on every corner and holding my breath before every stop sign to firm traction control.

    I am glad I did not listen to a local Costco mechanic who was trying to talk me out of buying winter tires for Prius, claiming that the car is so small that it would not matter. YES, it DOES matter.

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