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Thread: Prius in Snow

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    I too am looking for snow

    I too am looking for snow tires. I have had my Prius for a little over a year and last winter my original tires did not do well. Acceleration was ok, but stopping was not good. Even in the rain I find that at times when I am trying to stop and hit a small bump the brakes seem to feel like they lock (the car feels like it slips for a moment).

    As for gas milage in the winter, there are MANY reasons for lower gas milage including:

    1. Yes, the combustion engine runs more to heat the block - usually to run the heater so the cooler you keep the interior the less it will run. This is the same for the air conditioner in the summer.

    2. There is additional resistance on the road surface due to wet and snowy conditions. Especially with water, the surface tension and added resistance takes more energy to turn the wheels.

    3. The gas is formulated different in the winter. There are more volatiles added (mostly butanes) that vaporize allowing the engine to start. Without this, there would not be enough vapors to cause the gas to ingite. This formulation reduces the amount of energy (Btu) per gallon of gas, thus causing a reduction in mpg.

    If you have a Prius and have tried a certain brand of winter tires, please post what brand you had used and how well they work.


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    For whatever it's worth, I

    For whatever it's worth, I bought a set of Cooper snowtires a couple years ago for my '08 Prius. The first summer, I took the snow tires off, and went back to summer tires. But last spring I got lazy/busy
    and never took the snows off.

    My Prius got just as good mileage running all summer on Cooper all-season tires as it did on the factory original "summer" tires.

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    I have an '05 Prius with

    I have an '05 Prius with package 3 I believe (good for that year). I live in Ohio and I've found it does seem to have issues in snow. When going over bumpy roads in clear weather the brakes will cut out for a moment. Similarly, when accelerating, if there is any tire slippage the traction control completely cuts power! It's the worst feeling, just bam, try again. So if you're going up a hill or starting from a red light/stop sign, it can be pretty frustrating. Still love the car, I wonder if they could ever do an AWD option? It would be the ultimate vehicle. And oh yeah, someone mentioned a roof rack - not even an option for my '05. That makes me mad.

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    Hi Elliot in BC. I purchased

    Hi Elliot in BC.

    I purchased a 2009 Prius in August after reading from Car an Driver that the 2010 Prius Tracking Control is more agressive than in the previous version so I opted for the 2009.

    I bought 4 15in steel wheels with hubcaps and toyota regular TPMS valves.
    I purchased also 4 15 in Winter tires Blizzack WS 60 and got the whole thing mounted on the car.

    We had our first major snowfall this week and I was pleased with the results. Good traction in the snow and icy roads.

    In 2008 after driving a brand new 2008 Prius I got stucked on a hill going home and I traded the car for a 2009 AWD Matrix which was using 10l /100km compared to the 4,3l/100KM I was getting with Pirius in summer. I had 16in Wheels on the 2008 and Winter Yamaha G20 tires.

    The Blizzak WS60 is a lot better and the 15 in wheel is also better than the 16in.

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    We have an 09 Prius with

    We have an 09 Prius with about 10k on it. We have a summer place in NE PA...you need to go down a relatively steep gravel drive to get to the lake dock. Initially the car refused to go back up the hill when the tires spun on the gravel...traction control took over...the car slowly gained traction and pulled very slowly up the hill...I believe that's the mysterious "key" to driving these cars in traction-sensitive situations. Be calm, let the traction control do its job...slowly gaining traction...revving the engine doesn't help, the tires won't spin like your other vehicles...they will only turn when the TCU gains traction. If it won't gain traction then your going to need assistance...this would probably be true regardless of what type of vehicle you drive.
    We put on 4 new Continental Extreme Winter tires (rated best ice & snow tires by Tire Rack) @ $68. per...look forward to a problem-free winter.

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    Don't fool yourself Jerry.

    Don't fool yourself Jerry. You don't have a good side.

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    There's a pop out on the

    There's a pop out on the front for a screw in attachment that can be found in your 'trunk', underneath the storage area

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    My 2006 Prius is stuck

    My 2006 Prius is stuck outside our house right now. All my neighbours are driving their cars around, no problem. Mine won't budge. The wheels just go round on the spot, then the power cuts. With some pushing and shoving I managed to move about 12 yards, about half of it sideways; that's it.

    There's about an inch and a half of compacted snow and slush on the ground. The air temperature is about +2C.

    It probably doesn't help that my wet weather tyres (Toyo Proxes T1-R) are down to between 2.2mm and 2.5mm tread and I suspect that is more to do with it than the fact it's a Prius.

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    i own a 2007 prius...and

    i own a 2007 prius...and without winter tires its almost useless in the snow/ice...i cant for the life of me understand or believe some of the comments on this thread...yes the prius is a wonderful car BUT in the snow and ice without snow tires its a dangerous ride!

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    I wouldn't say useless.

    I wouldn't say useless. I've driven some snow packed roads this winter without any problems. I'm wondering if some of these winter driving complains have as much to do with Prius owners intentionally over inflating the tires as it does with the low rolling resistance rating of the tire.

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