@ gschaut

I think you are preaching to the choir here.

That's why Lauren and I correctly use the B setting, when appropriate, based on conditions and power pack levels, descending our long steep mountain grades (Berthoud Pass for Lauren from Winter Park (I love Mary Jane) and Hoosier Pass for me. Believe it or not, some of the rest of us do read the manual, have specific driving training, and do use the car's functions properly. All I said is that is that the B setting emphasizes deceleration, which is true. I was extolling regenerative braking, the effect that occurs when you lift your foot from the accelerator, separately. You just showed why professional real world driver training is important. Too much is lost in translation just reading and writing.

By the way, it snowed a foot and a half the other night, before the plows could get to it. At the building where I work, only two people out of over 200 made it to work the next morning, both from Vermont, one of whom drives a Prius. Today there were only two cars again, this time both were Prii.