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Thread: Prius in Snow

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    does anyone have experience

    does anyone have experience with roof racks on a prius? i am looking to buy one but need to carry an alden rowing shell. is there a place in the front and back to tie the shell down once loaded on the rack?

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    I live in the snowy Montana

    I live in the snowy Montana mountains and I really want a prius for the wonderful gas mileage but I do not want to have to worry about getting up the mountains. My husband and I are very apprehensive about purchasing one for two reasons not being able to climb the hills around town and the low clearance. We are looking at buying a new Prius and want to know if the problems explained by the pervious people have been fixed in the new models? Is it worth buying a prius for the good gas mileage with winter driving?

    Please Help!!! Tell me anything/everything you think might be helpful!!!

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    I'm moving back to Montana

    I'm moving back to Montana in September and was wondering what you learned about having a Prius there? I will be selling my car and buying something when we get up there because my current car is a VW Diesel Beetle which doesn't even like the cold-ish Texas winters. I'm trying to decide if I need to go with a Subaru for the AWD, or if I can get away with a Prius, which would be fantastic. Can you let me know what you learn? I'm envious that you are up there now - I can't wait to move home!

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    Google up "Prius Roof-Rack"

    Google up "Prius Roof-Rack" and you'll get a lot of results and photos. Yakima seems to get very positive reviews.

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    I live in Colorado and I've

    I live in Colorado and I've installed an after-market block heater on every car I've owned for the last 30 years. My '90 Accord ran 334,000 miles before I sold it and I believe keeping the engine oil warm at night was the secret. Question: has anyone put a block heater on a Prius?

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    I have a steep driveway, and

    I have a steep driveway, and the Prius is often unable to climb it if there is even a little snowfall. The driveway has to be almost perfectly plowed to make it up. I park the Prius at the bottom most times during the winter, and use a pickup truck to get up.

    I also find that snow tires are essential on the Prius in wintertime for country/highway driving in Upstate New York. Moreover, if parked in the city on an icy patch, it can require a push from a friend to get off the ice. The car has very little power/traction if the car is on ice, especially on even a slight incline.

    I like my Prius enormously, and recommend the car constantl. But I must say that the posts on this thread which say that the Prius drives fabulously in snowy/icy climates are not accurate.

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    I have a 2005 and have been

    I have a 2005 and have been through several Michigan winters with it. Never slipped, never lost power, and never, ever got stuck! My factory tires are great. It came with size 315/70/R17 BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A's that really seem to have great traction in any weather. Interestingly enough, I also have not experienced any problems with ground clearance, either, as I have well over a foot of ground clearance. Finally, I have not experienced the power loss that people speak of here. My 364 cubic inch V-8 engine never seems to have trouble unleashing its 325 horsepower, allowing my Hummer H2 to rumble effortlessly over (or through!) any obstacle placed before it. The only problem I have in winter in fact, is the inner conflict between my good side, which wants to help stuck Prius drivers, and my bad side, which enjoys seeing you standing next to your hopelessly mired R/C cars looking just a bit less smug.

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    Jerry, You are quite the


    You are quite the comic. I have not trouble getting around all winter in my Prius here in Alaska at -20. I do stop and help the poor SUV and H1 and H2 drivers who are stuck on the side of the road with emply fuel tanks at $4.00 a gallon. They are all quite appreciative for the ride. And by the way not every Alaskan is supportive of Sarah Palin.

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    I would say it depends on

    I would say it depends on the options the model comes with also.

    I wonder if Prius ever comes WITHOUT anti-lock brakes.
    that would make a difference, would it not?

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    Just picked up my 2009 Prius

    Just picked up my 2009 Prius and I worry about all this tire/snow car losing power talk. I live in Chicago and we got nailed with a ton of snow last year and they say worse this year. I had a H3 which was a dream in snow/ice. Do I put snow tires on or not? Help!!

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