I've had my 2009 Camry hybrid for almost 3 months, and I've got 5500 miles on it. I consider the mpg that I am getting to be excellent. I haven't had a tank under 38 mpg yet. And I don't go out of my way to get higher numbers, other than avoiding the jack rabbit starts. The mileage is the best thing about the car. Second best is the quiet of the cabin when moving. And third is the excellent sound of the upgraded stereo. Overall comfort is very good too. (I'm a big guy.) On the negative side, the cabin is so quiet that I hear all the rattles, from the empty passenger seat or an annoying noise from the center post by my left ear. The stereo controls and display (non-nav system) are terrible. And I hate Toyota's dedicated cruise-control stalk. (Why not put those on the steering wheel instead of AC controls? How much do you need to play with those?) I had the car in the shop twice in the first two weeks with the check engine light on, but I've learned to turn the gas tank lid until it clicks, then push on it and turn some more, and then push and turn some more.

I sort of regretted not waiting to try the Lexus hs250h, but reviews I've read indicate mileage is not anywhere near what I'm getting. The Camry is 10mpg behind my wife's Civic Hybrid, but this car is much more comfortable for my 60+ miles per day. Overall, I'm 85% pleased.