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    Hopefully he has the other

    Hopefully he has the other key that came with the vehicle when he purchased it. He will not be able to start it without one of the keys.

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    The indicator light that is

    The indicator light that is shaped like a car with a key inside no longer stops blinking when I shut off the car. This happened after I left the car in a valet parking lot.
    The manual in the car is not clear about what I can do to make this indicator stop blinking. Any ideas?

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    I am having the same

    I am having the same problem...did your resolve yours?

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    In my book, this technology

    In my book, this technology should be called "dumb key" because it indiscriminately sends out radio waves 24 hours a day. There have been many studies indicating that close range electromagnetic waves passing through the body can cause health issues, including cancer. Why invent a system where you keep an electromagnetic wave generator in your pocket all the time? The more common type of remote entry key sends out a single pulse of energy to unlock or lock the doors, with exposure limited to a fraction of a second. Have you read the disclaimer that anyone with a pacemaker should not use the smart key?

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    The smart key system does

    The smart key system does not unlock all the doors when you reach for the driver's door. It only unlocks all doors when you unlock by reaching for the passenger side door handle or the rear hatch.

    Sounds like the Mrs. has some paranoia issues, or else you need to move to someplace more civilized.

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    Is there a key blade inside

    Is there a key blade inside the fob to use in a situation, when the batteries are weak? And if available, how is it taken from the fob?

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    Concerning "well built"

    Concerning "well built" comment. Last week I hit another car at 45 MPH with no braking. (other driver came out fot a blind driveway!!) 2007 Camry Hybrid totaled. Walked away with a seat belt bruise. All safety features worked as designed. Little to no cabin damage. Went out and bought a 2008 Hybrid to replace the 2007. This car is a a LIFE SAVER!!!

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    1. yes, there's mechanical

    1. yes, there's mechanical key inside the fob that will unlock a door.
    2. even iffob battery is completely dead, you can place Toyota logo on fob against the the Power button, and it will start the engine.


    If you left your engine running, and stepped out of the car, and walked away (nature calls reason, or stupidity) - ENGINE WILL RUN AND CAR WILL DRIVE AWAY WITHOUT KEY BEING PHYSICALLY PRESENT INSIDE, UNTIL NEXT ENGINE SHUT DOWN. So, you stepped out for a bag of cgips, forgot to turn engine off and this is quite easy to do on a completely silent car, as 3 warning beeps may not be noticed - and a baddy may get inside and drive away. Not so smart, huh?

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    I left my key with a body

    I left my key with a body shop manager and he left it in the key slot one the dashboard for several days. Since that the smart key will open or lock the doors but has to be in the slot to start the car. Has anyone had and solved this problem?

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    Oh, I forgot to mention that

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I have three smart keys and they all show this problem. That is they must be in the slot to start the car. Also I replace the battery on one of them and it didn't fix the problem.

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