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    Can someone tell me about

    Can someone tell me about the lifetime of the battery set and common problems of Hybrid cars? What about the cost of battery replacement?

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    After 35K total miles, for

    After 35K total miles, for the first time since it was purchased new in August of '05, my 2005 Prius refused to start when I depressed the service brake and pushed the Start button. A few of the indicator lights in the instrument cluster responded weakly and the front and rear dome lights came on dimly. I shut them off and repeated the startup process several times without success.
    The previous day, at around noon, after we had completely cleared the car of accumulated snow from a recent storm here, I was able to easily start the system. I backed the vehicle a few feet down the driveway and left it idling for about ten minutes before returning the car to its original position in the driveway and shutting it off. Ambient was 30F. The car sat unused overnight.
    Trouble occurred approximately 24 hours later. Ambient was 40F.
    Incredibly, when I repeated the starting procedure approximately 1 hour after the failure, the car started promptly and ran flawlessly. Immediately using the procedure to enter the service mode, I was able to read 13.8 volts from the battery charging circuit. A little over 20 months ago, that same circuit showed approximately 11.7 volts before I had previously replaced the 12-volt battery with an aftermarket Optima type. At this time, I do not believe the system start-up failure was due to a dead or dying battery.
    Failure to start is a major problem for any car and, in the case of the Prius, which continually starts and stops its gasoline engine during normal use, the dependency on both software instructions and feedback signals from onboard hardware, adds a level of complication unrivalled by nearly anything else on the road today.
    Responses to my inquiries about other Prius anomalies, (e.g., AM radio interference from the braking system), have been dismissed by the technicians who feign ignorance at my local Toyota store. In general, I am unimpressed by the lack of concern or sincere interest in response to questions about the experience of operating a Prius. Toyota needs to retrain its service advisors and technicians to stop being in denial about these driveability issues and, instead, show them how to properly troubleshoot the systems to diagnose and resolve reported problems.

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    Wow! After reading all of

    Wow! After reading all of these similar issues I think it's high time we start a class action law suit against Toyota. I own a 2009 Prius and, since November 21, 2010, it has not started 3 times. I paid Toyota approximately $250 to replace the battery after AAA jump started the car the first time. We've been driving the car for over 2 years; the dealer could find "nothing wrong with the vehicle" and suggested that "maybe we're leaving the car on." I think 2 years is enough time for most people to learn how to turn a car on and off. Our car has been at Toyota the last 4 days and they haven't been able to duplicate the problem where my vehicle refuses to start, the dashboard display flashes on and off, I can't put the car into any gear, the car suddenly starts on its own, and I get the error message "There is a problem with the P lock mechanism. Park your car on a flat surface and fully apply the parking brake." By now, you've probably guessed that the car was on "level ground." Even though we've been without the car for about a workweek, Toyota didn't even "authorize a rental." I used to think they were great but I think Toyota needs to be shaken up a bit to continue their once known quality control.

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    2007 Prius 12v battery

    2007 Prius 12v battery problem - same as those listed above - lights come on with red warning triangle but can't get in gear. After restarting several times, I was able to get a response. A month ago, I took it to dealer for the routine check-up and oil change and advised them about the starting problem. They told me everything checked out. This is winter, and eventually the car totally died and had to be jumped started every time, so I went back to the dealer. I have been advised that I need a new battery - the warranty is expired and the extended service plan (yeah now I know it was stupid!) does NOT cover batteries!
    I was told by the service rep that I do not drive the car enough - I only have 15,000 miles after 3 years. I try to lower my carbon footprint and use alternate methods of transportation whenever possible. In addition he advised me that the car cannot sit idle for more that 3 days even if it is in a garage. I understand that I may have to jumpstart the battery, but after that it should start up again on the same day. If I drive and stop for lunch, my car should start up again after 1 hour. He also said it is normal to replace the battery after three years (regardless of the number of miles) and I will probably need to replace it again in a few years.

    Bottom line - he said that the Prius is not the car to buy if you plan on low mileage. HUH?? Perhaps that statement should be included in the sales pitches!

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    I would be eager to join a

    I would be eager to join a class action suit - Toyota has had a lot of bad press and may respond favorably.

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    I would be eager to join a

    I would be eager to join a class action suit - Toyota has had a lot of bad press and may respond favorably.

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    My 2007 Prius doesn't start

    My 2007 Prius doesn't start in the winter after leaving it for two to three days. No lights, nothing. I have had the battery changed and it still doesn't start after being left for a few days. Toyota service say they can't find anything wrong?!

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    My 2004 Prius has locked up

    My 2004 Prius has locked up when I try to start it about 4-5 times a year for the past 6 1/2 years. An error message about a transmission problem and parking on level ground with parking brake is displayed. It doesn't show that it is in gear (no little box around P or any other gear) and can't be turned off or on with the power button. Usually when this happens I play with it for 15 or 20 minutes until it finally starts up normally. Two days ago I didn't have time and abandoned it, with the dash lights fully lit and the car unlocked since it wouldn't let me lock it. I returned to it later and had it towed (neither my husband nor the tow truck driver could start it). Of course by the time it got to the Toyota dealer, everything worked fine and there were no error codes generated. They said they have never heard of this problem and there are no software fixes related to this.

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    GD.........I also have a

    GD.........I also have a 2009 Prius.. It has refused to start twice in the last four weeks. This is after driving to my grand daughters school to pick them up so the car has only been sitting for 10 minutes. The first time everything on the display was flashing at me. AAA was able to get it started. We took it straight to the dealership and they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. It happened again yesterday and again AAA got it started. This time the dealer said the battery failed the load test. The good news is that they replaced the battery with no cost to us. I sure hope this solves the problem. I hate feeling like I have an unreliable car. It only has 9600 miles on it.

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    2010 Prius ... 742 miles.

    2010 Prius ... 742 miles. Our dealer has had the car three times since we bought it Jan 7, 2011.
    Same starting problem ... same result ... battery OK ... nothing wrong. They did authorize a rental ... have had the car now for over a week ... it FINALLY misbehaved for them, and they contacted Toyota direct and were told to "check under the seat for the 3-wire USB interface. Replace it." They got the part today ... and we are picking up the car tomorrow. IF this happens again .. we are going right to the Ohio Lemon Law. They have tested the battery with a load test ... tested OK. Tried to find a "ghost draw" of power ... did not find any load loss. We have had the warning triangle, the flashing display panel, the P for parking warning on level ground ... etc. We have had 'em all .... and have had the same query from the service folks ... "Did you start it properly ?? Are you sure you didn't leave the light on ?? etc."
    (We have a 97 VW Passat diesel with 253,000 miles on it, and have never had a starting problem. Too bad diesel in Ohio is right at $3.39 a gallon.)
    Wish us luck tomorrow.

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