I'm about to join the conversation. I began having this problemwith my 2007 Prius recently, especially when the wheels were turned in or out sharply when I shut off the car. The panel lit up like a Christmas tree and the P had a square around it but was not filled in, as it is when the car is on. Both the power and the park buttons had their lights on. I looked and looked in the book, but with no avail. I called the dealer who said to straighten out the wheel and try again and it started. It happened again when the wheels were straight and it was after hours so I went to the book and found a sequence to follow to reset which involved setting the emergency brake. It worked. The third time, I couldn't find the page again and tried getting up off the seat and out of the car, since I read that somewhere. But I forgot the button/brake sequence. Now the neighbors frequently see me getting in an out of the car, rolling the window up and down and pressing buttons. Not good PR for Toyota: "The car driven by crazy menopausal women." Something usually ends up working, including making my husband get out of the car until it starts. I'm heading on vacation and leaving the car at another dealership that took care of my last Toyota. If someone has the exact reset sequence, please send it so I'll stop doing all this crazy stuff.