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    Same problems! We're having

    Same problems! We're having the triangle of death occur and the transmission P is abnormal and we have to park on level ground. I should have done my research before we purchased this car. Love everything else about it.

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    I forgot to mention mine is

    I forgot to mention mine is a 2005.

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    that has been happening to

    that has been happening to me and then i tried it with the key inside and it started right up. That was yesterday - need more time to figure out if that is the cure. Sadly one of my fav features is that i dont really ever have to think about the key

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    yeah. all other tricks have

    yeah. all other tricks have failed. Someone needs to figure this out!

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    You can jump-start it.

    You can jump-start it. Please Refer Toyota PRIUS Emergency Response guide. This Guide contains a summary description of basic operations so that you can locate and use the vihicle’s main equipment and features, quickly and easly.

    or you can free download this (PDF) file from


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    Prius 2009: Same problem:

    Prius 2009: Same problem: triangle of death occur and the transmission P is abnormal and we have to park on level ground. The car is driven everyday and parked on flat surfaces.

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    Hi! I was so thrilled when

    Hi! I was so thrilled when you mentioned that a "power brick" was the answer to your start problems with the Prius small battery. I looked up power brick and was instantly waaay out of touch with anything I found. So if you read this, tell me, which "power Brick" you bought and where? My husband and I will be eternally grateful! Thanks, Shirl

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    A SOLUTION FOUND!!! I own a

    A SOLUTION FOUND!!! I own a 2008 Prius and my ready light was refusing to come on intermittently over a period of about 9 months starting December 2010. It just kept getting worse but never acted up at the dealership so they saw no problem. I would have to keep trying over and over before the car would finally start. Sometimes 3 of 4 times and sometimes it would take 10 or 15 minutes of trying. Jump starting could get the car going but really solved nothing. I knew the batteries were both fine. They had both been checked and rechecked. Finally last Friday, September 2, it took me 2 solid hours to get that darned light to come on and I took the car straight to the dealership where it finally showed its true colors on their diagnostic equipment and they were able to solve my problem! It turns out that the BRAKE PEDAL SWITCH was going bad. $167 later and I was on my way in a perfectly running Prius again. Hopefully for a long. long time. They also replaced the water pump which had a hole in it and the drive belt which was worn while they were there and those were both still under warranty. Nice dealership to go that extra mile. I hope this helps someone else who is having the same problem.

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    I just bought a used 2002

    I just bought a used 2002 prius and the guy told me to start the car and immediately put it into neutral. This, somehow, bypasses the warning lights on the dash from coming on and allows the car to show its normal display. Then put it back into park.

    From what I've been reading, it makes sense, because it sounds like the break pedal and starting the electric motor have some connected relationship. Engaging the break, the shifting of gears (into neutral), the bootup of the computer, and the charge of the currents going to the engine, etc. seems to be a healthy receipe (knock on wood) for starting the car.

    Let me/us know it it does you any good.

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    My dealer fixed it! It was

    My dealer fixed it! It was 3 relay switches that were bad. They had to remove the hybrid battery to see the problem. Damage $720. Lets hope it works!

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