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    I just tried getting in my

    I just tried getting in my 2006 Prius and nothing happened. I had to resort to using the key to actually get in the car, and when I pushed the button to try and start it, nothing happened. Nothing is happening at all. No lights turn on, no sounds, nothing. I'm scared, really scared. What am I supposed to do? It won't even lock itself when I push the button, I had to do it myself.

    I haven't driven it for about five days, is that the problem? Did the battery die? If that's the case, how do I make it work?

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    Kirby: sounds like the 12v

    Kirby: sounds like the 12v battery is dead. Did you try getting it jumped? Or tested?

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    If you have a smart key, you

    If you have a smart key, you can shut it off if you aren't going to use the car for several days (2 weeks). Then the battery will not run down. It's a switch under the steering column quite a ways down. The smart key will use up battery life - usually not much, but if not recharged for some time, it will go down.

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    It's very simple. I just

    It's very simple. I just got off the phone with a Toyota mechanic. If Prius is not used for a week, the battery is dead (the starter battery, that is). The car is junk unless you drive it every few days. That's the story. This man was nice, friendly, didn't hestitate, and was certain. He recommended a trickle charger I think (he called it a "tether"). Can't do that -- car is in a public garage. I'm stuck. Will probably trade in for another Toyota (not a prius obviously) at the dealership; maybe they'll feel sorry for me (ha!).

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    hi, i have a prius hybrid

    hi, i have a prius hybrid 2011, i'm having a sound like huvs in start up. I want to know what the sound is coming, is there anyone taking the sound like beerrr, like diesel huvs.

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    yep.... this is happening to

    yep.... this is happening to me too. 2005 Prius 88k miles. I thought the reason was that I was forgetting to put the car in park before I turned it off. Nope that is not it. I now make sure that everything is turned off in the car (lights, radio, heat, air co) before I turn the car off. I can also tell when I am going to have a problem because when I open my door to get out of the care (after turning the car off) I hear a "beep, beep, beep" ... which doesn't normally happen. I might as well fight to start the car right then an there because when i get out of work... the car for sure will not start. My Toyota service department also says "they have never heard about this type of problem and they cannot make it happen". I wish I didn't love everything else about the car. I will try the brake pumping technique next time. I know this sounds wierd but ... I feel like if I try turning it off then on off then on and then opening the door and closing it... the car will start. makes no sense.

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    I bought a power brick,

    I bought a power brick, basically a mobile jump block so you can jump yourself. Works perfect when i have the problem. I think it mainly comes from an older battery and not driving for a week. After I drive regularly the problem subsides until the next time I let the car sit. I even turn off the key access if I am away and the problem can still happen. The power block jump thing was only like $40 and saves frustration when it happens to me. Probably just need to replace the 12v soon. I have a 2005.

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    I have been fighting this

    I have been fighting this issue as well. Aux battery drains down when car is off. Battery passes load testing. I'm going to check the brake switch and also door jam switches, fuses, etc for variance in continuity. I wonder if a blown diode is involved. I guess I'll have to buy the repair manual.
    One thing with small parts... they get smaller when cold. Perhaps, shorting across contacts.

    I tried adding a small solar panel and had some positive results initially but it seems that karma kicked in and we haven't really had enough sun since I installed it.

    I find it irritating that the info display on these vehicles failed to include a built in voltmeter for the aux battery.

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    My 2005 Prius has been

    My 2005 Prius has been acting up on and off for the last 2 years but today it went to a new level. Try the following if it sounds like your problem.

    When you turn the car on with your foot on the brake and you get red triangle of death, it states that there is a "Transmission problem, park on level ground", you can't shift, you can't power the car OFF using the On/Off button (actually the motor is not running just the electrical part)....try the following (it been working for me) 1- Take your foot off the brake , 2- Hit the On/Off, 3- Car now powers off, 4- Try turning on the car again with your foot on the brake and now everything is working. Also, what I noticed is that if I try to start the car with the outside lights on already, there's a better chance that I get the above problem -or- that the electrical system is very slow to turn on.

    Since this has been very random and doesn't happen too often, I've been ignoring the problem. (I know I've been playing Russian roulette.) Today a new problem has manifested. Turned off the car and got out. Went to clean all the outside windows, since there was sap on them all. After 4 minutes of cleaning the windows, my electrical system turned on by itself and started playing the radio (Scare the wits out of me). My keys were in my pocket and no one was in the car. YES, I do know how to turn the Prius off, been doing it for 6 years and it was off. Besides if it was on, I would have heard the loud radio while I was washing the windows. I turned off the car and turned it on again and got the standard problem of red triangle, "transmission problem", couldn't power car off...so I did the work around solution and it turned off. Now things are starting to get interesting. Turn car on, everything was fine, tried powering down, the electrically system shut down in an instant and the brake pedal gave my foot a kickback. Went in to tell my husband, we came back out to garage and the Prius electrical system was already on. How did it start if the key was inside my pocket inside the house while I was talking to my husband about it? Powered off the car (not sure if I had to do the work around solution). 15 minutes later we tried the car again and there were no problems. Too freaked out to drive it though.

    We live in California, weather's been wet but not too cold (50-70 degree). Drove the car over 400 miles in the last 3 days (excessive for us but had graduation and bring someone back from dorm). Called our independent mechanic and will let you all know the outcome. We're praying it's just a loose cable to the battery.

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    I have 2008 prius, does not

    I have 2008 prius, does not star,battery seems to ok, a/c working, plenty of light, month ago mechanic said need to change transaxel(transmission). I am frustrated.

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