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    I have had problems with my

    I have had problems with my Prius 2007 starting and just recently figured out that it is something with the parking brake. I pupm the brake pedal until it feels stiff and then it starts. Just an FYI.

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    Pls i am having the same

    Pls i am having the same problem,my 2003 prius hybrid wont start.I bought new battery but it wont start.What am i going to do?

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    I have a 2006 Prius and on

    I have a 2006 Prius and on whati is now my 6th episode of the car not starting. The pattern my car seemed to have was if it was driven for more than an hour at speeds of 55-65 and then stopped and parked while leaving it "idle" 5-10 minutes, and then shutting it off for about 5 minutes before trying to start it again. However yesterday it did it again on a short 15 minute ride at speeds of 40-45. After sitting with the car on for 5 minutes, it was turned off for at least 30-45 minutes and wouldnt start. Usually all the other times if I waited for 10 minutes it would start again. This time i had to have a tow truck come jump me. I immediately took it to the dealer that ran all the tests on the batteries and said they couldnt find any problem and said the battery was at a full charge. But they did tell me it could be the battery since the car is now 4 years old even though they said it was fully charged.

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    Darlene: 1. Have a mechanic


    1. Have a mechanic check the error codes on the computer (OBDII port), are there any error codes?

    2. The only way to really check a battery is to load test it. Many mechanics don't want to bother, because Prius battery (12v) is in an odd location and has non-standard connectors. A Toyota dealer will probably charge $$$ to test the battery.

    DO NOT let somebody just stand there, look at the car from 10' away and "guess" what might be wrong. Get the data, get the facts. Don't let a mechanic or dealer waste YOUR MONEY by "guessing" what might (or might not) be the problem.

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    I am having the same problem

    I am having the same problem with my 2007 Prius. Last week the car wouldn't start after hitting the power button, however the display lights on the dash were bright as well as the headlights and dome lights, however "ready" never showed up. I had it towed in to the dealership where they ran tests and found the auxiliary battery fully charged, and electrical checked out. The same problem happened again today. This time, I put the car in neutral and then in park. "ready then showed up, the dash lights went out and the worked. I am again calling the dealership to log the complaint. Any ideas out there?

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    My SOLUTION!!!! Similar

    My SOLUTION!!!!

    Similar problem, car would not start, All WARNING LIGHTS came on, (could not put car in gear/Drive/Reverse/nuetral/park) door locks were not responding as normal - like when I pushed the button on the handle on the exterior of the car to lock it it did not beep and lock, it made a repeated clicking sound.

    I thought I'd let the car rest, came in and read this forum, and went back out after 15 minutes to try the BRAKE Pedal solution. When I arrived at the car all the same warning signs were there, the car would not open by keyless method, I had to push the unlock button on my FOB; the car beeped key warning as I sat down; *I pressed down hard on the brake pedal* and pushed the Start button; all the warning lights came on again, but I pushed the button again and it went itno normal ready mode and I could put it in gear.

    (I live in Winnipeg and it was really cold when this happened, but I don't think that necessarily had to do with the probs, except maybe a -sticky- brake pedal from the cold.)
    I love you guys.

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    THIS WORKED FOR ME!!!! Press

    Press hard on the Brake Pedal

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    I see that this post is

    I see that this post is quite old 2006 I believe) but I have a 2003 Prius I bought new- now with 46,600 miles on it. Only first year did I have starting problems with it-upgraded the bracket and purchased new larger battery at the time and have had no problems since until this week when we are having bitter cold single digits and its not winter yet.
    recently redid front brakes and rotors and had to replace one rear hub.

    Just had NYState inspection and was passed with all systems intact and working well.
    When it wouldnt start today jumped it and went to auto part store and purchased new battery which finally was installed (they had never worked on installation in hybrid where battery is in trunk) and appeared to be working fine. Paid bill letting car warm up (24 degrees out) but when I got in to leave it stalled, retried two times but then all warning lights flashing including big one car with cloud around it advising no driving get to dealer pronto.
    Had difficult time persuading towing company to flat bed it but did eventually--its on its way to Toyota emergency room...just wondering if others have had similar experience or near it and if I am now going to lose my beautiful Prius because cannot afford to repair it??
    Any experience information would be helpful to prepare myself for possibilities. It is my last lovely car I will be 80 next Monday the good Lord willing and will really be sad to have to let it go?

    Any words of wisdom appreciated and Happy Holidays to all. Hope all have as good luck as I suppose I must be grateful to have had to date. Thank you greatgrandma in new york

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    Sorry mister but you are

    Sorry mister but you are wrong on about everything you said, the prius does have a 12volt starter and starting battery (right side in hatchback terrible to get at but it is there). I can tell you have never owned one or read the owners manual, so quit giving bad advice!!!!!!!!!!

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    My Mom & Dad just bought a

    My Mom & Dad just bought a 2010 Prius and it is driving us nuts. Several times we have gotten in and pushed the start button only to have the front end shake violently like the motor mounts are broken. Toyota has had the car for several days and have not been able to duplicate the problem and say there is nothing wrong with the car. We are getting the car back tomorrow and if it happens again I'm afraid of what my 83 & 85 yr. parents might do and or say when it is taken in for the third time. Anyone have any suggestions?

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