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    Write the US DOT so we can

    Write the US DOT so we can get these cars recalled.

    US DOT
    Office of Defects Investigations
    1200 New jersey Avenue S.E.
    Washington, DC 20590

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    My altima hybrid has done

    My altima hybrid has done similar things with the brakes but I've learned to live with it. Usually it's over bumps as someone above stated, but the brake pedal becomes very firm like it's all the way to the floor when it has barely moved at all. Usually I just let off of the brake apply it again and it works.

    Luckily I've never had this happen in an emergency situation, but then again I make sure I don't follow the car in front of me too closely.

    This may be related to the prius some as the NAH is basically a Camery Hybrid with a Nissan gas engine and a Nissan body.

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    I have a 07 Prius with about

    I have a 07 Prius with about 26 thousand miles on it. In the last three months the car has started to have a problem, it wont start. The problem seems to be getting worse. I have brought it to the Toyota Dealer and they say the car checks out and there isn't a problem. The problem can't be repeated although about once every two weeks it leaves me stranded somewhere. Even worse, when the car boots up it will not fully start the car and then you cant get the car to turn off OR operate the doors to lock them!

    The Toyota dealership (Toyota of North Hollywood California) said, "wow you should just sell the car "You cold get like 27 "G'S" for that!!! or just get a lawyer and go get your money back with the Lemon Law"

    This is my third Toyota and from what it looks like my last. I don't have the time to deal with this crap and AAA is gong to dump me for abuse.. any ideas? besideabro

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    I also had a braking problem

    I also had a braking problem with my 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, where I coasted into the car in front of me because I was travelling under 20 mph and the ABS brakes never "grabbed" during an emergency stop. I filed a complaint with the government agency the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration at http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/. If enough people file complaints there, they will open an investigation for a possible recall. The Consumer Affairs website is useful for lawyers to find class action lawsuits, which would be nice to recover all of the money that people are spending on these rear-end accidents.

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    I have two Prius. My 2002

    I have two Prius. My 2002 has 200,000 miles and my 2007 has just over 65,000 miles. For all who may run into this issue... 3 months ago, my 2007 had a headlight go out but then it would come back on again. Go out... back on, etc. I finally got it to the shop and they told me that it would be $350 plus labor to replace it, and it was not covered under my extended warrentee. I was not prepared to pay that much (thinking it would be a $50 job to replace a lightbulb) so told them to leave it and I would look around for a better price for a light bulb. That night after picking up the car at the shop, and their poking around in there to determine the original problem, both headlights started going on and off and that made things really dangerous as both would sometimes go out at the same time. (Turning the light switch off then back on would cause them to both reignite, but then quickly one or the other or both would blink out again).

    It cost me $860 to have them both replaced. Now it has been a few months and I have found several other 2007 Prius onwers having the exact same problem. (So far 6 other owners that I know of personally)

    I called the 800 number for Toyota's complaints and they immediately approved reimbursement of my full $860 dollars. I think they are attempting to avoid a recall on these faulty headlights, and at $350 each plus labor, anyone who has had this problem or are currently having this problem, now is the time to hit Toyota up for them to pay for it.

    (FYI: No problems at all with my 2002)

    Good luck!

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    I have a 2005 with over

    I have a 2005 with over 96,000 miles on it and have had no braking issues. My massive 4 wheel disc brakes do a commendable job of bringing my enormous Hummer to a hault, quite a feat considering the mind-bending inertial forces involved in bringing 9,000 pounds travelling at 90+ MPH to a stop. Thankfully, my brakes work each and every time, allowing me to successfully dodge out of control hybrids. The only ones I can't dodge are the ones that rear-end me, however my bumper, made from solid, high grade, American made steel, by American workers, deflects run-away hybrids without so much as a scratch to my vehicle. Might I suggest to all Prius passengers to open the tiny doors and stick your feet out to stop?

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    are they at least letting

    are they at least letting you borrow a loaner car?
    that is the least they could do

    my toyota dealer let me borrow a Yaris for a couple of days while they were fixing a scratch on the new car I purchased from them.

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    I have a 2004 Prius with

    I have a 2004 Prius with just over 45,000 miles. Yesterday I drove it for about 12 hours in the rain and had no problems braking at any time. This morning, every time I step on the brakes the ABS engages. I am taking it to the dealer tomorrow.

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    Follow up to my previous

    Follow up to my previous post. After reading this suggested fix I took the car out last night and put it into neutral before braking and repeated this several times from about 20mph. The first few times I could hear a grinding sound. I am guessing that was the sound of rust being scraped off the rotors. After that they now work perfectly.

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    I posted over a year ago

    I posted over a year ago about my experience with 2006 Prius brakes failing to engage as I was coming to a rolling stop in a low speed situation (above in this thread). The result of the inspection by Toyota was a report that stated there is nothing wrong with the braking system. I believe that they did thoroughly test the car to come to that conclusion. I think this is a problem that can't be replicated on demand.

    Tonight, over a year later, it happened again. The circumstances were almost identical. I was going low speed, approaching a red light in 5:30pm traffic. I was rolling toward the light, not pressing on accelerator or brake (just like last time). As I got closer to the light, with one car in front of me, I pressed on the brakes and they did not engage (just like last time). This time, I picked my foot completely off the brake pedal and SLAMMED my foot back down on it. The car brakes worked the 2nd time. I very narrowly missed bumping into the car in front of me.

    Both times I the weather conditions and the roads were dry.

    I will be calling the dealership in the morning and asking what to do next.

    I love my Prius and I'm bummed about this problem. (I'm also addicted to high mpg now too.) Last time I was able to believe that maybe it wouldn't happen again after Toyota inspected the car. I can't put my head back in the sand now.

    I will post again after when I have some progress to report. I will also follow the advice of bwilson4web above and check out that forum.

    I hope this is a problem that Toyota will pay attention to, and I hope they can find a solution.

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