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    All of this time we think it is a brake failure, actually, it is not. We know that Prius has two types of brakes. I do not know that exact terminologies for these brakes, but one is electric (the one that apply most of the time when we press on the brakes, which charges the Prius), and the regular car brakes with ABS.
    A computer chip determines (with pressure from the brake peddle) which brake to apply at that present time. Most of our cases were when we are under regular circumstances. We are rolling about 20mpr before a complete stop at a reasonable distance. So, we apply the brake normally. At this time, I think, the electric brake will apply, but at some situations this is not enough to stop the car completely before bumping into another car. So, it seems like a brake failure. Even if, at this time, we apply the brake deeper the computer chip may or may not determine if we need that ABS. There was once I apply the brake to itís deepest, and it still did not feel like it is stopping. Later, (after causing me an accident) I found that in this kind of situations letting go of the brake peddle, and immediately perform an emergency brake will stop the car. But, that is if we can respond fast enough.
    Our true problem is how that computer chip determines which brake we need. I think it is a classic example of too much technology and too new, which back fires. Having said all that I still love my Prius, it is a good car. However, it still has a lot of room to improve. I hope Toyota can improve or develop a better braking system for us.

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    Prius Problems

    Toyota quality had really dropped. All there cars have serious problems now.

    I owned many Toyota cars and was not impressed at all.

    The Prius in my opinion is not safe it has very thin metal to be fuel efficient and now that the breaks are bad I would stay away from this car like the plague.

    Its just like people buying Armstrong arm bands they buy a prius to be in style to be Green! When I see Prius people I think of Izod Alligator too all copy cats that cant really help the environment.

    Its so funny most of the prius owners have huge homes that waste so much fuel. They might have spent the 28k on a nice solar system for there homes.
    Kept there existing car so and in impact on the environment would have been much less.

    At least my next car will be all electric, I will wait for the Chevy Volt to come out. Using no gas at all will possibly make it worth the cost.

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    I have 600 miles on my new

    I have 600 miles on my new 2008 prius. I was in stop and go traffic and the same thing happened to me. I kept rolling even though my foot was on the brake! I ended up rear ending the car in front because the brakes weren't working! Luckily it was real slow and i didn't cause too much damage. BUT i still have paint damage on the front! I shouldn't have to pay for the prius' mistake! Is anyone else hearing about this problem! Who's going to pay for this!

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    I work for a paratransit

    I work for a paratransit company...we drive 5 different types of vehicles..one of which is the toyota prius on friday march 14 of 2008 I went from a dead stop at a light to about 20-25 mph to the next light I saw the light turn yellow I hit my brakes to slow down and then stop only one problem the car didn't respond I saw the light turn red I hit the brakes a few more times and nothing. I coasted into the intersection and hit another vehicle. I may lose my job over this accident because now the brakes work...no serious injuries just some bruising...they say these vehicles are good and safe I fail to see how they are safe if they cant guarantee your gonna stop how many people are gonna be hurt or worse before this issue is taken care of

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    I have a 2005 prius with

    I have a 2005 prius with about 20,000 miles. I took it for a car inspection to get updated car tags and I almost failed the braking test. The test showed that the front tires were not stopping at the same rate. One tire was still moving while the other had stopped. I had not noticed any pull of the car while braking before the test, but I also keep both hands on the wheel when braking.

    Has anyone had any brake alignment problems?

    I'm taking it to the dealer to check.

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    PLEASE READ! This is an

    PLEASE READ! This is an update of my story! This is what we do!

    I wrote about my prius brake failure about 5 weeks ago. (look back a few stories and you'll see my story) Here's an update on what i did and how i was able to deal with the situation. If all of us keep checking up on this forum, eventually, if a big law suit was to surface this would be our source for a class action suit. All of us must report this on consumeraffairs.com (federal government)

    1) I printed out this ENTIRE forum - all 20 pages worth.
    2) Then I went online to consumeraffairs.com (which is the federal government) and submitted a complaint.
    3) Then I printed out an article on consumeraffairs.com about "unintentional acceleration"
    The government is aware of 50-100 cases a year of unintentional acceleration on the prius. (Unintentional Acceleration also includes similar problems with braking. People hitting the brakes after the car accelerates and it failing to respond.) Toyota corporate is aware of the problem, but has not stepped up or recalled as of yet. (frankly, the financial loss is greater then the spotty complaints, and no one has died, so it's not worth it for them)
    4) Typically, the car works fine after the incident, so it's our word against the powers that be. That's why this forum and consumer affairs must be notified. The more numbers of complaints, the more seriuously it'll be taken.
    5) Because toyota corporate is not stepping up, it's the consumer OR if you're lucky, the dealership that has to take the financial hit (ie, replacing the car and fixing) Most dealerships arent willing to take the financial burden when there's no true proof. Usually the consumer is the one burdened.
    6) Armed with the 20 pages of this forum, and the article from consumer affairs I went to my dealership in Cerritos, California with the story. We went through the same michigas as everyone else. They do a bunch of diagnostics on the car and there is no evidence of disfunction. I told them I refused to get back in that car after what happened and showed the head of consumer relations at the dealership my printouts. They saw my sincerity and took me seriously. Because of my calmness, research presented, and understanding of the situation they responded and completely replaced the car with a brand new one. (I had only around 600 miles on this car when this happened)

    **This is my story. Tell consumer affairs about yours. Printout this forum and consumer affairs article:
    Keep your left foot ready for the Emergency Brake in the meantime!

    When you consider how many thousands of prius's are sold a day, this is probably an overall, rare occurrence, but it when it happens to you it's completely scary and dangerous. Our voices must be heard.

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    WARNING: www.

    WARNING: www. consumeraffairs.com is NOT a federal website.

    It is a for-profit, blog website. Any "complaints" submitted to consumeraffairs.com might just as well be sumitted to Youtube, Myspace, or Facebook.com.

    They are all just open, blog websites where anybody with an ax to grind gets to post anything they want to say.

    Kind of like this message board?

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    Well, it's all we got now,

    Well, it's all we got now, because unfortunately, there is no way to replicate the scenerio. All we have are our stories. And it worked for me. I presented the dealership with all this paperwork from consume raffairs and this forum and they listened. I was able to get a whole brand new car from it. So even if it's just a simple forum or blog or whatev, it still was effective in getting the dealership to do something. In a lawsuit? I don't know how well that would hold up in court, but by the shear numbers of people reporting, it may help. Again, it's all we have without being able to re-create the malfunction!

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    I had the same problem

    I had the same problem yesterday going about 20 mph, what happened with yours.

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    Well, I was looking for

    Well, I was looking for Prius skeletons in the closet, and sounds like the braking is it! I have a Toyota Highlander Hybrid, but not a Prius (yet). My understanding is that Prius braking is "drive by wire" - meaning there is *NO* direct connection between the brake pedal and the brakes. You are relying on a computer and essentially two sensors - a brake pedal sensor and wheel motion sensors. Most all complaints seem to have happened when some type of moisture was present (rain, wet road, etc.). While its easy to dismiss this as a traction issue, the other possibility is that the water is interfering with the wheel speed sensors, and thus confusing the braking system. This would explain ABS triggering under light braking - if the braking system thought the car was already stopped, or was skidding, its possible the system would get confused. Its also possible the brake pedal sensor is having problems, but I'd expect that to show up much more frequently.

    I'm curious if anyone has experienced the problem with 2005/2004 models (all seem to be 06 or later). My (limited) understanding is that 06+ was a "minor refresh" from 04-05, possibly the earlier models had a simpler (and safer?) system. Also curious if this ever happens "in the dry".

    Disclaimer - I'm not a "real" mechanic, just trying to draw my own conclusions from this thread based on past experience.

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