I had my 2008 Prius suddenly flash warning lights on me while driving home in perfect weather conditions.
LIghts flashing all at once were:
Brake system warning light and buzzing indicator red
Hybrid system warning light
Malfunction indicator lamp:
Vehicle stability control system warning light
Brake system warning light yellow
tire pressure warning light
maintenance required light
Master warning light and buzzer

I was able to safely guide my prius onto my road closest to home before the engines shut off and brakes stopped working. We coasted into the driveway, kids in the car.

After getting it towed to the dealer in Temple, TX....arguing about my in fact having the extended platinum warranty coverage, they relayed it was the inverter water cooling pump but not to worry, my warranty would cover it. I have 48k miles on the odometer.


Please review this website as this is exactly what was wrong with my 2008 model. And I verified the dealer knew about the technical memo and stated they put in the newer version water pump.
My experience was less than satisfying mostly from the dealership end but also the non-existant communication about common problems with this part and vehicle.

I will not be buying another. Most likely will switch to the Ford hybrids.