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    Greg, I see why it might

    Greg, I see why it might look like Prius owners are just jumping on a trend in order to look green instead of actually being green. (South Park even spoofed Prius drivers in one of their episodes; it was funny!)

    I encourage you, though, to think twice about your assumptions about Prius owners. I realized the car was probably a bit overpriced and maybe even overhyped when I bought it in 2006. I didn't even think it was the last word in "green" cars. I figure that at some point down the road the Prius, at least in its current form, will be a dinosaur. But I think that's a good thing because it means hybrid and non-gasoline engine car technology is evolving. I bought the car because I wanted to be one more person making a statement that I am willing to buy hybrid. (I had other reasons too: I really like the car, and it's a blast to get 45+mpg.) If people hadn't bought the Prius in large numbers, it's possible that you would be waiting a lot, lot, lot longer to get that electric car, because other auto companies wouldn't have taken the hybrid or electric car movement seriously. You're smart to wait for the technology to improve--that's probably a smarter choice than mine, from a purely financial standpoint-- but people have other motives for buying the Prius besides just wanting to look or feel "green."

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    Actually something very

    Actually something very similar happened to me about a month ago. It was snowing and I must have been going about 35 mph down an essentially empty street. There was a car going very slowly ahead of me and I tried to brake and, as you said, had to watch myself roll into it.
    Mine is also an '06 Prius.

    I wonder...

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    I thought of one other

    I thought of one other thing...

    My gas level was *very* low when I had the brake failure.

    I remembered that a few years ago, about a year before I bought my Prius, there was an issue of people losing access to the electrical system (I think there may even have been a recall). It turned out, as I recall, that the issue was low fuel levels.

    I wonder if the brake failure was linked with my low fuel level.

    Did any of you who had brake failure also remember having very low fuel level at the time?

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    Last night my brakes failed

    Last night my brakes failed - 2007 Prius - I was going through an intersection and realized that the car in front of my was totally stopped. Icy conditions. I hit the brake fully expecting the anti-locks to engage (which they have always done before) but got absolutely no braking at all. Unfortunately I did not read the comment above about releasing and trying again with the brakes. The brakes of course work now, so that this feels like a very intermittent problem. I have extensive damage to the front of the car, but it is still drivable. I will report this issue to the dealer and request a manufacturer inspection, but I am not optimistic about anything being found. I'll also have to try my luck in court to see if I can get the points waived (Michigan has 2 points for "failure to stop in assured distance"). It is scary to think that the car might not stop and there is no way to know when, and I hate the though of testing the theory that all you have to do is release the brake and try again, especially since the training is that with anti-locks you step on the brake and push hard, pumping is said to be counter productive. And what if they don't work on the 2nd try? or the 3rd?

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    I had a failure this morning

    I had a failure this morning on my 6 month old Prius. Without going into to much detail about the circumstances... It was a 20 degree morning with about two (2) out of ten (10) fuel level cells. I slammed my brakes on all the way to the floor to stop in an attempt to not rear-end the car in front. I had a distance (~20 ft) and velocity (~15 mph) that would have been no problem for my last car to stop in. The brakes did not really engage until after about 10 feet. The caliper just did not grip the rotors in anyway until it was too late. I have the car in the shop and am having them look at the brakes for defects.

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    We have a 2004 Option 5

    We have a 2004 Option 5 Prius with 96K miles. At around 86K miles we began to have braking problems. As you gently depress the petal while coming to a stop, suddenly without warning and no change to petal travel, the car suddenly begins to coast (as in NEUTRAL!). You then have to quickly press hard on the petal to get the car to stop (with a lurch) It feels like the car has gone into neutral and only has hydraulic brake.

    We have been to two dealers on multiple occasions and they can find nothing wrong with the car, no codes etc. Both dealer's reps have, however, observed the problem first hand. Yesterday, the service rep almost uttered an epletive as it happend to him in their parking lot!@!! Later, however after discussions with a "master mechanic" he came back and told us that "This is normal Prius braking behavior!!!!" I don't believe that for a minute. I believe that this is a problem with the EVS II system and could lead to a serious wreck! I reserched Toyota's on-line info and they show performance behavior curves for the EVS in braking conditions. THERE is NO time in the process of petal pressure (stopping) that any portion of the combined Dynamic and hydraulic brake that any is released from operation as the petal pressure is held or increased.

    Does anyone have similar experiences or suggestions on how to rectify this condition before we have a serious accident?

    Keith Cheshire

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    This may be the same

    This may be the same problem, but I have had innumerable situations when I am trying to brake and the car surges, rather than brakes. It seems to happen particularly when I brake quickly, and that has led me to think it may be happening when the engine is switching from gas to electric. The skid light always goes on when this happens, too. I've also had the problem that the brakes just seem not to work. It's happened many times; I am really scared that one day it won't stop. I have a son who's a new driver, and I don't really want him to drive this car. I actually can't remember if my Prius is a 2007 or 2008. I've told Toyota about it, and they, of course, can neither duplicate nor find the problem. I have actually felt the same type of surge in my husband's Highlander Hybrid, but haven't had the no-brake problem in that car.

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    my problem with my 2007

    my problem with my 2007 prius brakes is not stopping, my trouble is when i apply the brakes sometimes they will grab really hard and one or more wheels will lock up and you will go into a skid dependomg on how fast your going. the dealership found the problem on the computer while the vehicle was under warranty but now that the warranty has expired they say the computer shows nothing and all they want to do is replace the wheel brake sensors and these they say ruin around $350,00 each plus labor. the brakes grab really hard when wet and the ant skid light comes on then the brakes will lock up, sometimes the front ones do this and other times the rear brakes will, if anyone else has had this simular problem please advise what was done to correct this if a solution has been found, the dealership in our area says they can not find anything wrong with our vehicle and nothing shows up on the computer read out like it did before.

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    Had my prius for 12 days and

    Had my prius for 12 days and it had to be towed to dealer, the brake warning lights came on, brake fluid was leaking and the car did not brake well!!! Had only driven the car 75 miles. Dealer called Toyota who told them NOT to touch the car until they sent out a technician from CA, I am on the east coast. Toyota never heard of this problem and wanted to look at my car just in case other prius's came up with the same problem. BEWARE of 2007 Prius. I liked the car for the short time I had it. BUT am scared to drive it now. Will not let my family into the car, if I ever get it back. It has been at the dealer for over a week now, almost the same amount of time that I actually had it. Dealer is being very evasive. Anyone have this problem, and what was the outcome.

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