Greg, I see why it might look like Prius owners are just jumping on a trend in order to look green instead of actually being green. (South Park even spoofed Prius drivers in one of their episodes; it was funny!)

I encourage you, though, to think twice about your assumptions about Prius owners. I realized the car was probably a bit overpriced and maybe even overhyped when I bought it in 2006. I didn't even think it was the last word in "green" cars. I figure that at some point down the road the Prius, at least in its current form, will be a dinosaur. But I think that's a good thing because it means hybrid and non-gasoline engine car technology is evolving. I bought the car because I wanted to be one more person making a statement that I am willing to buy hybrid. (I had other reasons too: I really like the car, and it's a blast to get 45+mpg.) If people hadn't bought the Prius in large numbers, it's possible that you would be waiting a lot, lot, lot longer to get that electric car, because other auto companies wouldn't have taken the hybrid or electric car movement seriously. You're smart to wait for the technology to improve--that's probably a smarter choice than mine, from a purely financial standpoint-- but people have other motives for buying the Prius besides just wanting to look or feel "green."