The brakes consistently but unpredictably fail to work for us in our brand new 2007 Toyota Prius. This occurs for about a second in various situations and conditions. It has happened going over mildly damaged roads (on bumps), when moving forward into a parking space, when stopping at stop signs, when braking for a red lights.
So far, I apply the brakes the same way as I do at other times. The car begins to brake, then the brakes no longer work and the car continues to move forward, the sliding light comes on, sometimes solidly and sometimes it flashes and then the brakes start working again. It has happened on bumps, but not always, it does not have to do with weather conditions- it has happened typically on dry roads. I can not replicate it by slamming the brakes on. It usually happens at slow speeds (when I am braking) I have not tried it during a high speed situation. The brake does not go down to the floor. I have not noticed any noise that accompanies this phenomenon. We can't replicate the problem for our dealer and Toyota Canada has been profoundly unhelpful.

I know this is an old thread, but has anyone else recently had this problem (I've seen several older threads)?