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I had a very strange experience in my 2006 Prius driving home from work today. I was in stop-n-go traffic, traveling about 5-10 mph, when the cars in front of me slowed to a stop. I stepped on the brake, but I kept rolling. I had to watch myself roll into the car in front of me because absolutely nothing happened when I stepped on the brake. I was not pressing the accelerator. I was definitely pressing the brake.

I'm fortunate I was going very slowly when this happened.

My Prius has 11,000 miles on it. It's up to date on all the services.

Has anyone heard of such a problem with other Priuses? Haven't found anything like this on the internet so far. I'm taking it to the dealership first thing in the morning - would have taken it tonight if they weren't closed..
I was driving along a narrow lane in Gloucestershire/Herefordshire border today and doing less than 20mph - a car appeared going slowly towards me on road only wide enough for 1 car - applied brakes suddenly and just as the incident above the brakes simply didnt work until the last thing and I narrowly missed hitting the car. I would have expected to have stopped easily without concern but my wife, son and I all thought we were not going to stop. I was certain that I hit the brake - not much choice on an automatic as it wasnt the accelerator. The sensation was like riding a bicycle in the wet with old caliper brakes - they just dont grip until the last minute. It was very unnerving and i wonder what it would have been like on a wet road at high speed. The road surface was loose and slightly wet and I suspect this confuded the ABS ir whatever is used to control the braking.

I will be going to Toyota carefully tomorrow morning.