****Trust I am a real owner of a 2006 HH, which may not be the case of all you read. People are paid to add content to websites, blogs, etc...- not sure on this site, but trust what I am writing is honest and accurate.
My vehicle is under a year old, over 20K miles, and has been in for MPG three times- currently well under 23 mpg average.
Toyota has told me that this is NORMAL, written on my service slip.
Toyota customer complaint department says nothing they will do.
I wish I had started the lemon law protection that exists in my state- Md, before the 15K limit, but I did trust things the dealer told me like- gets better milage in the warm weather, cold weather gas has alcohol added which effects MPG- but my mistake, I trusted them.
My commute is in DC traffic , so electric is on often, but on highway, sometimes the computer tells me I'm getting 8 MPG.
I do plan on starting a blog to try to get a class action lawsuit started, the car was purchased to get better MPG, and honestly would have boght a honda pilot, and gotten better MPG.[/B]