At about 30,000 miles I noticed my transmission slipping a bit. I know that there was a group of Civics that were recalled becaused of a bad belt in the transmission. Mine does not fit into that group since my Civic has a gear transmission, no belts. Honda said that the 30 K maintenance transmission fluid change would fix it. And it did for about 5 K miles. Then it started again. Honda recomended flushing the transmission a few times, which I did. When it started up again in a week I took it to Honda. They could not get it to repeat my problem, therefore no fix. Since then I have not had a repeat performance. My worry is that it will start up again and, since my warrenty is up, I will get stuck with replacing a 2-3 year old transmission! Is there anyone out there that is having the same issue?? I would sure like to know what your experience has been.