I just bought a 2007 HH in November, for the same reason you did. Right out of the box I got 24 mpg and Toyota told me to hold off - that I had to let it "break in" for 1000 miles. It just got worse, no matter what I did. I went to the dealer and had a certified technician look at it. He claimed to get 28 mpg, and that it was my driving that was the problem, but when I asked him to let me shadow him for a couple of hours to see how he did it, he could only get up to 22. He's giving me this guff about consumers buying it for it's environmental qualities and not it's gas mileage, but I bought it for it's posted gas mileage. He's also saying that the EPA is about to reset the gas mileage data downwards by 1/3, but that doesn't do those of us who bought it at the higher figures any good. I also don't see why the salesmen couldn't come clean, when I told him that this was my main concern. Are you really thinking about a class action suite and have you heard from other interested parties? My commute is in Boston traffic and I was really looking forward to that 31 mpg. I would have bought a Suburu Forrester as a friend tells me that she gets 28 mpg and I really don't need all this space.

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Trust I am a real owner of a 2006 HH, which may not be the case of all you read. People are paid to add content to websites, blogs, etc...- not sure on this site, but trust what I am writing is honest and accurate.
My vehicle is under a year old, over 20K miles, and has been in for MPG three times- currently well under 23 mpg average.
Toyota has told me that this is NORMAL, written on my service slip.
Toyota customer complaint department says nothing they will do.
I wish I had started the lemon law protection that exists in my state- Md, before the 15K limit, but I did trust things the dealer told me like- gets better milage in the warm weather, cold weather gas has alcohol added which effects MPG- but my mistake, I trusted them.
My commute is in DC traffic , so electric is on often, but on highway, sometimes the computer tells me I'm getting 8 MPG.
I do plan on starting a blog to try to get a class action lawsuit started, the car was purchased to get better MPG, and honestly would have boght a honda pilot, and gotten better MPG.[/b]