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    Major Problems!!!!! With Hh

    Got one of the first HH last year around this time .... drove perfect until August of this year.
    i have 18450 miles on it now...

    Started experiencing lower gas mileage... dropped from about 29.9 to 24.9 now consistently.
    ALso experienced lag in acceleration ... before if you punched the gas pedal, you would be pushed back into your seat... now it just speeds up gradually.
    I never let the tank go below half... always filling 93 octane.

    Also, been experiencing braking problems ... driving in traffic or coming to a complete stop fairly quickly (i.e. Stop sign), the brake engages ... lets go for a second... catches, car stops.
    This didn't happen all the time, but it began happening quite frequently ... took it to toyota.
    They changed the brake pads and rotors on the front ... since there was a technical bulletin on the newer model, but not mine ... they did it anways. Toyota Regional Tech drove it for a few minutes... didn't experience the problem ... obviously!

    Traffic... brakes didn't work... rear-ended police car ... took it back to toyota ... they said it was something with the regenerative breaking ... but it only started happening in August.

    They ran scans many times, nothing abnomral showed up, some things were on the high end of the normal range, but wouldn't tell us what exactly. NO print out.

    So they took it again, toyota regional tech, drove it for 50 miles ...
    "could not duplicate the problem" ... that is what their stand is. If they can not duplicate the problem, it apparently does not exist.

    Driving on a service road ... 55-60 mph ... the gf says slow down ... the car starts slowing down by itself ... constantly.. kept speeding up and it kept slowing down, as if brakes were being applied... no brake lights though.

    Driving another day ... same speed,... car starts braking by itself... tried engaging cruise control ... figured if it wouldn't engage it would be b/c its braking ... cruise wouldn't engage. In both cases, had to shut off car and wait ..then turned back on... drove fine.

    Today i was driving the car ... going down a gradual slope ... on a turn ... braked ... the car sped up .. went from 30 mph to about 35mph, while braking ... car skided off the road, skid light came on, beeping non stop ... hit a pole... shattered my mirror and scratched the side ... car wouldn't stop ... threw it into park and finally skidded to a stop.

    I have opened a case with California... still not getting anywhere with it. I figure if i get into one more accident, three times a charm i guess ... they will do something about it.

    Incredibly frustrated.....

    oh one more thing,... driving one day... NAV screen flashes, insert DVD... and then goes back to normal.

    No mods done.

    NO IDEA WHAT TO DO................................................ ....

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    Hi I've been puzzling over your post for a while now.
    There's obviously a problem with the regenerative braking. I have no Idea what lackey they had look at your HH but this car is far more technologically advanced then average gas guzzling lawn mower and they need to get a Decent Mechanic to run diagnostics on the regenerative braking. If they don't have somone capable at the Toyota Dealership you might have to go to somone who specializes in EV's or Hybrids. Telling Corporate Toyota about your dissatisfaction with the diagnostic capabilities of your dealership might help them get their act together.

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