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    Hi Mendel; Yes it does,

    Hi Mendel;

    Yes it does, particularly on those cases where the symptoms are visible. Clearly keeping an eye on how your car progresses helps make your case as soon as you notice similar issues.

    I do not see those issues on my HCH-2's.



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    We need to file a class

    We need to file a class action lawsuit against Honda Motor company for this. Me and my brother bought 2007 HCH's brand new. Then he noticed a problem with the handling at highway speeds and called Honda to tow the car as he was afraid to drive it. Honda sent a knucklehead tow truck driver who did not lower the hand brake and towed the car with it ON. That wiped out my brothers rear brake shoes, drums bearings etc. Honda refused to take responsibility for their tow truck driver, saying he was a sub contractor. My brother finally filed a case in small claims and Honda paid half of the repair costs. They never mentioned anything about this TSB. What a rip off company. Next time I am going with Toyota. I've had goos experiences with them. Even Suzuki is better than this!

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    Well, I must say I was

    Well, I must say I was pleasantly surprised with Honda this time! I took my vehicle in to Mississauga Honda along with the TSB. After telling me that the TSB was American and not Canadian, the service advisor accepted my car as a Canadian TSB exists for the same problem. He called me later to inform me that the parts were on order and would be in within a few days. As for the Tires, I would pay half as Honda would be prorating them. They called me when the control arms came in and I took my car in again. I found out I would have to pay $270 plus tax for my share of the tire price. I wasnít happy that the new tires would be Dunlopís. He told me Honda would only pay for Dunlopís as they had low rolling resistance and were a must for the Hybrid. I had no choice but didnít like that as I have not read good things about the Dunlop original tires. Besides, that seemed to be a high price to pay for shitty tires. Anyway, I told him to go ahead and do it and I would claim a refund from Honda. I had already filed a complaint with BBB.
    After leaving the car at the dealership I called Honda Canada later in the day and they listened to me and I was given a file number and told they would let me know of their decision within 48 hrs. Note that my car has 27000 kms and I have 3 months left to complte 3 years since I purchased it.
    When I went to pick up my car, BOY was I surprised! No charge for anything and I had 4 new tires! Well, THANK YOU Honda. I have no more complaint. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

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