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    Detroit's reluctance spells its doom

    I don't understand. Just last week I read in the paper with absolute dismay that the Big Auto makers were significantly reducing the production goals for their hybrid models. i think some companies were even cutting crews and shutting down shifts. i've tried finding hybrids from honda and toyota and cannot get my hands on one. i realize i live in texas, where fuel efficiency is met with a look of treason against the state. But why can't i find a hybrid and why are US automakers going exactly in the wrong direction? I just want to shake somebody!

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    Detroit's reluctance spells its doom

    I wonder if GM has an "under-the-table" thing going on with the big oil companies. I mean think about it,

    GM's really doesn't want to produce hybrids, but of the ones they do:

    The B.A.S. hybrid, although GM diguises it to
    be cheaper, only gives a 5% increase in MPG,
    and their Stop Go "hybrid", really isn't a hybrid-
    its just a truck that can shut off its engine when
    it isn't needed.

    They're more reasonable 2-mode hybrid system
    is only going to be installed on their SUVs. A
    25% increase in MPG on a 15MPG SUV isn't
    nothing to be proud of.

    They're really pushing E-85. E-85 still uses 5%
    gasoline, and it gives lower mileage, so in the
    end, one probably uses the same amount of
    gasoline, strait or blended with ethanol. Also, it
    is proven that driving with E-85 will be more
    costly than using regular gasoline.

    They aren't even considering diesel, which can
    challenge hybrids to the 40-50MPG mark.

    Sounds too darastic? Remember that in the 1950's GM and Goodyear illegally bought and subsequently shut down all of the electric trolley lines in America's cities-forcing people to buy or ride gas sucking and tire using cars and buses.

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