Once again California is taking the lead in north america and even the world, with itís new green house gas curbing legislation recently signed in September .

State policy makers want auto makers to build more fuel efficient and less polluting cars as they wish to reduce green house gas emission (carís are the second biggest contributor) and better air quality (cities like L.A. have extremely poor air quality).

The auto industry will challenge this legislation again and try to delay it as long as possible (years possibly). With other US states (mostly in the north east, like New York) and the international community adopting these laws their army of lawyers will be severely diluted though, giving them much greater incentive to abide by the new laws.

This is arguably political pandering as governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is up for re-election and some say the laws are not defensible as federal laws supercede this legislation as it clearly states auto emissions are a federal matter (and the feds have no desire to curb car pollution or increase fuel efficiency). It is a major political gain for republican leader Schwarzenegger, and another blow to George Bush and his republican lapdogs.

California Attorney General Bill Lockyer has turned up the heat even more by actually suing the six biggest auto makers for causing this public health hazard. With the success against the tobacco industry this case wonít be taken lightly either.

I wonder if the cost to the auto industry on lawyers will be greater than the total cost of producing fuel efficient cars ?

Either way you look at it, progressive environmental legislation or political pandering, itís all pushing car companies to get even more serious about car pollution.

Mr. Fezziwig,
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