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    This question is from a First lego league robotic team: These kids are currently researching information for their research project using a nanotechnoogy - theirs is nanocrystals being sprayed onto a hybrid car. The crystals would use the solar power to charge a battery (future technology) When completed, the kids will present this research project to their community, and to a panel of judges at the robotic competition. What knowledge do you have about cadmium selenide nanocrystals being used on a car? Is there information you can share, or give us a contact with this information. In your opinion: is a gasoline fueled engine a necesaary back up for any solar powered car? As the kids get further along, they will ask more questions pertaining to a hybrid car.

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    We have discussed solar power in the context of powering a vehicle several times in this forum. Briefly, the amount of solar power that falls on a car-shaped / car-sized area is several orders of magnitude too weak to "power" a useful-sized vehicle for any useful distance / time. See, for instance http://americanhistory.si.edu/onthem...bject_362.html for a short discussion of GM's Sunraycer, a 390-pound "car" made mostly of bicycle part and several square yards of solar cells. Yes, it went from here to there, but it was never a practical "car."

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