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    Forbidden carpool lane for Hybridw HOV?

    Can a solo driver of a Prius with the HOV sticker use the carpool/bus lane on the far right side of the SF-Oakland Bay bridge like the rest of the carpool vehicles? If so, how does it get charge because I don't see any device installed to scan the transponder.

    I commute from the Richmond El Cerrito area to SF using Highway 80 and the carpool lane takes you to the far right hand side of the freeway's carpool/bus lane. When driving through that lane, I didn't notice any display there showing the "Valid ETC." nor did I hear a beep from the transponder? Normal vehicles with the required number of passengers use that lane, but I didn't notice any hybrid vehicles with driver only using that side. Is that particular HOV lane an exception or prohibited for hybrids with the stickers?

    Do I have to use the far left carpool lanes only? The carpool lanes with the transponder scanner?

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    Forbidden carpool lane for Hybridw HOV?

    So it looks like nobody here commute solo from the East Bay to SF using the bay bridge in a hybrid vehicle with the HOV sticker?

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    Forbidden carpool lane for Hybridw HOV?

    On the rare occasions when I cross the Bay bridge in my 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid (which has car pool lane stickers and a transponder), I always use the farthest right lane, which splits into three (or four?) lanes. My transponder beeps when I go through...although I must admit I don't recall seeing the actual antennas.

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    Forbidden carpool lane for Hybridw HOV?

    Yes, I realize that right lane there where it splits from one lane into 3. But I am referring to the lane that is the furtherest right. There is another right carpool lane to the right side of the one you mentioned.

    Usually commuters coming from 580 will use the two carpool lanes to the far left and people from 880 will go to the right lanes you mentioned. But there seems to be another lane fartherest to the right for commuters coming from 80. I am not sure if we are allowed to use that one.

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    Thanks for this post. HOV lanes, or carpool lanes, allow cars with more than one occupant to skirt jam-packed traffic. It is a benefit for saving fuel and polluting less. A new program in California allows drivers of so-called green cars the same opportunity, even if they are driving alone. This system is set to end in 2015, but at least one lawmaker wants to expand that by a decade.
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    Carpool lanes help drivers and passengers save time and money, as well as avoid traffic hassles. Using carpool lanes typically saves a minute per mile over driving alone, so grab a friend and get moving.
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