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    I have 2005 Civic Hybrid. I

    I have 2005 Civic Hybrid. I bought it new with hybrid tax credit then and I have 110K now. It is still original brakes since I don't brake too hard and mostly highway driving. I do my own car maintenance which doesn't require too much work other than 5K synthetic oil and filter change; 15K air filter change; 20K CVT transmission fluid change (although factory recommended 30K change); 100K spark plug replacement; 45K cabin filter replacement; 50K PVC value replacement; 7K tire rotation. Everything is still original (include both 12V and hybrid battery) except I replace my OEM tires around 60K. I live in Boston; and I am still getting 47 MPG. I am expecting to get at least 200K and more out of this car. I don't want to be slave for the Arabs and I used resources as what I need.

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    Hello, I have a 2005 Honda

    Hello, I have a 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid, bought it new with a Honda Care 7 year/70,000 mile warranty. About 8 months ago I had this problem and the dealership changed the fluids and paid for everything since I have a Honda Care warranty. It came back a month ago and I took it in and they recommended replacing the starter clutch. They said it is a 2 step process, if a customer comes in for the problem, the first step is to put in new fluids. The second time they replace the starter clutch. I didn't pay a penny for either steps, and it is smooth and noiseless now =).

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    Wow!! More folks than

    Wow!! More folks than expected have had tranny problems with the '03 HCH. About 1 year ago the rpms were too high at very low speed. Honda dealer did a burnishing for free. Now I know why. Well, on Friday while in Central Cal. on vacation, the SAME exact problem happened. Luckily we were near a Honda dealership who determined that there DEFINITELY is a problem with the tranny. First they will try to install a kit. It that doesn't solve the problem, then they will replace the tranny. My car only has 68K. Thought that a car so reliable as Honda would never have a tranny problem at this mileage. Warranty will cover all repairs, luckily. We'll see how it goes. But it looks like I should expect to replace this car prior to 100K, per above posts.
    TSK TSK on HONDA!!!!!

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    the guy is being reimbursed

    the guy is being reimbursed for using his car on official govt. business. Like travel to a conference in different city, or a IRS agent coming to your home and using their personal vehicle instead of a govt car, etc.

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    I have a 2003 HCH with 180K

    I have a 2003 HCH with 180K miles. I've been experiencing the "judder" for about 10K miles. It started happening only when I had a few passengers or was facing uphill, but lately it's been happening with every start from a stop. Since the car was well out of warranty, they didn't offer me a courtesy extension, but the "burnishing" job was only $230. While they were under the hood they noticed that my front engine mount was blown to bits, they said this is common side effect of the juddering, so I had them replace that for $390. I hope the burnishing fix lasts more than 3000 miles because the dealership quoted me $1700 to get the start clutch replaced

    My SRS light is also on, which they said was due to my driver's side seat belt not retracting fast enough. That's covered under a lifetime warranty.

    PS I'm on my original battery pack, and after 7 and 180K miles it still holds a charge up to 90% capacity, the dealership guys were floored by that. Guess I got a good one from the factory

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    PPS I have a copy of the

    PPS I have a copy of the 07-049 Technical Service Bulletin in PDF format that explains the warranty extension, burnishing job, and start clutch replacement if anyone wants it. Just e-mail me: willi2mt@gmail.com

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    So I got the burnishing job

    So I got the burnishing job about 6 weeks ago. It worked great. In the past week the car has juddered 2 times, so I'm happy... for now. Ultimately the start clutch will need to be replaced at some point... just hoping it lasts for a little while longer.

    I'm confident that any of us who are willing to change the transmission fluid could do the burnishing procedure ourselves. It pretty much involves changing the fluid a few times and mashing on the brake and the gas at the same time for 3 seconds, twice in D and once in R. Definitely do not do this unless you are willing to change the trans fluid both BEFORE and AFTER. Be sure to use Honda CVT fluid, I don't think it's regular ATF... it might be available on the internet someplace.

    BTW the dealership replaced my seatbelt for FREE! Apparently seat belts are covered under a lifetime warranty. That turned off my SRS light on the dash, which had come on because the original seat belt wasn't retracting fast enough.

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    I have an 05 automatic CVT

    I have an 05 automatic CVT at 100k doing the same thing. Just had the fluid flushed but didnt know anything about 'burnishing'.
    Is this only for manual transmissions or any CVT? I did notice that if I accelerate really slow, it doesn't make that sound. Otherwise, it can be mistaken for wheels peeling on gravel, which is what I thought for the last 6 months. Not that this car ever had 'peel' capability, but I only heard the rear clunk.
    If it doesn't work, does anyone know the ballpark of a replacement trans on these?

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    Back again with more 2003

    Back again with more 2003 HCH drama. Last week I got in my car after work (it had been over 100 degrees F that day), and when I turned on the car the red battery light was on. I looked in the book and it said that if that light stays on, the 144V side is not charging the 12V side (i.e. IMA controller or the DC/DC converter). I drove it to a friend's house and we poked around, checked all the fuses and relays, etc. After scratching our heads for a few hours I charged the 12V battery at Autozone and drove the car to the dealer. 4 days and $300 later they finally had a diagnosis, the DC/DC converter was toast. I had given someone a jump start a few days before it broke, and then there was the heat wave, so I know in the future I will be parking in shady spots and never jump starting anyone again (someone told me the converter is only good to 42 amps on the 12V side).

    The dealership just called me back, the converter is $1200 and they want $600 to install it (luckily the $300 diagnostic goes toward the repair costs). I found a cheaper one online for $800 and I could probably install it myself, but I don't have the tools or the time so I had to bite the bullet. The car will be ready in two days, so I'll let you all know how it goes. In the mean time, the CVT had been behaving as far as juddering goes (a few thousand miles since the burnishing procedure), but I did notice that when I floor it on on-ramps etc. it slips quite a bit, so I have to "ease on" to the accelerator.

    Has anyone else had any electrical problems with the IMA controller or DC/DC converter? I'd love to hear your stories!


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    hi how r u when writing ur

    hi how r u
    when writing ur text you said that u don't want to be slave for the Arabs
    note ihave ahonda civic 03 hybrid too ibuy it last mounth and iwant to ask u if you know away to get the radio code itried to email its orginal delar and he doesnt replay

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