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    Do these problems also stand

    Do these problems also stand for the honda gx?

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    '05 HCH with the judder

    '05 HCH with the judder problem on the CVT for what seems to be about a year. Now at 127k, but the issue was more of a nuisance than a problem. After reading these posts, I am growing concerned of what the dealership will tell me on Monday. Right now they tried the recommended fix by Honda under warranty (and were willing to take the car at 127k and perform the warranty suggestions of burnishing and changing the fluid). They called me today and asked to have the car until Monday as they were not satisfied.

    Let's see if they suggest a starter clutch, which they may or may not cover, or a transmission. I honestly do not know what I am going to do if they want me to get a new tranny. Someone made the comment that with a transmission change and a battery change looming, I might as well cut my losses now.

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    Haven't had any problems for

    Haven't had any problems for 3 years with 05 HCH. Slight juddering started to bother me after a few months so I called Honda. They said they's replace the Start clutch paid for by Honda, If I let them look at it first. So Last week they looked at it and said they will first be required to burnish the transmission (Hold the car still with the brakes, while gunning the throttle for a whiole (30 sec to 2 min, from what Ive read). I paid them $165 to do this, and it smoothed the acceleration quite a bit. BUT 2 DAYS LATER, MY AC COMPRESSOR BEARING FAILS. Of course I called them back, and they determined that the compressor just failed on its own through no fault of theirs. I felt the need to contact American Honda directly, and share this info with them. Just a little beware for ya. It's odd that the AC bearings failed just 2 days after burnishing. Did the mechanic forget to turn off the AC before running burnishing procedure? If anyone has any knowledge on burnishing and stress on AC bearings, please contact me. I'd appreciate your help.

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    same problem same issue, try

    same problem same issue, try same solution no success

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    I'm so disappointed in

    I'm so disappointed in honda, fourth car bought from them.

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    You can get a $180.00

    You can get a $180.00 Catalytic Converter(www.autopartswarehouse.com/search/?Ntt=catalytic converter eastern) that works fine. I spent the $4,000 on the Tranny, car runs great again, batteries still holding. Luck

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    I have just been told that

    I have just been told that Honda will not pay for the Burnishing of the transmission because I had this done before, but it's still under warranty. I only have 95,000 miles on the car and the warranty is good until 100,000 miles. The dealer told me they were told by Honda that they will only do this burnishing one time. What good is the warranty if the temp. fix can only be done once?
    I bought this Civic Hybrid new in 05, and I will not go back for another car from Honda. Why are they not working on a permanent fix for the problem?

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    It's nuts to me that Honda

    It's nuts to me that Honda wants us to pay $300+ everytime the trans starts grinding/slipping due to an issue with the CVT. Even going somewhere like Jiffy Lube costs $130+.

    I just tweeted Honda's customer service at @HondaCustSvc to see how they respond. They should either fix the problem or get us a free CVT burnishing per year.

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    Thanks for your honesty and

    Thanks for your honesty and integrity.

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    I hope you all are upting

    I hope you all are upting out of the setllement with Honda of 200.00 dollars. We need to take these crooks to small claims. Hurray for Heather Peters, she won her case against Honda.

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