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    06 Honda Civic Hybrid-CVT We

    06 Honda Civic Hybrid-CVT
    We only got 92k miles out of our CVT transmission. Came to a stop sign and it was dead. All three services done; the last a week before at 90k. Now they want $5700 to replace CVT and flywheel. American Honda is going to help some but not the 50/50 i think they should. I expect to get 250k out of my honda's and when they quit at 92k, honda should fix them. I expect better craftmanship from honda's and can honestly say this might be my last. Check out my youtube, honda addict. This CVT is not up to honda standards and they know it.

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    For what it's worth my

    For what it's worth my neighbor's 2004 normally aspirated Honda Civic EX, his tranny went at less than 100,000 miles. Our tranny in our 2003 CVT has more miles than his car. Our's is starting to make the shuddering on steep inclined takes offs. I had the fluid changed at 80,000 so I think it's time to go in again. If it does go out at this point I would think about a used one with low miles. Or rebuilding the one we have if it doesn't cost too much.

    Not to sound like a traitor but I am waiting for our friends to sell there 2004 Prius with 40,000 original owner, well cared for miles to us before anything major wears out on our car. Just common sense.

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    I had this problem with my

    I had this problem with my 2004 Honda civic hybrid that I had purchased used. I took my car into the Honda dealership at Lynnwood WA (not where I purchased the car) at 99,600 miles and they first changed fluids and burnished the transmission, as they are REQUIRED by Honda to try first. To me this fixed the problem, but they said it was not to their satisfaction and scheduled me for the replacement clutch the following week. Since then the shifting is smooth as glass. I cannot say enough good things about my experience and how they took care of me, and yes, it was all covered under the warranty. If your dealership is screwing with you, report them to Honda. As for me I will never buy a different brand car after having this one because it is a great car!!

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    Hello Honda Civic Owners, I

    Hello Honda Civic Owners,

    I too am having the problem with the shudders or judders with my CVT transmission. The Honda Civic HX get exceptionally good gas mileage but I would not entertain a long trip with the transmission in it's existing condition. Fortunately, I am working with a reputable dealer in DeLand, Florida (Coggin Honda DeLand) and am impressed with the response of the service manage,r addressing my problem. We have tried changing fluids, burnishing the clutch, and even replacing the transmission to no avail. Hopefully, this upcoming week will resolve the problem entirely with a re-evaluation of the transmission in which we will proceed with a permanent fix for the annoying problem with these particular transmissions.

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    For anyone with this

    For anyone with this problem: You probably need to replace the starter clutch which seems to frequently fail in this particular model. Disclaimer: I'm not a car expert, it's just what my research has shown. Here's my experience:

    I recently purchased a used 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid with only 32k that developed this problem immediately. There is an extended warranty on the starter clutch (to 8 years, 80,000 miles I believe). However, even though my car was manufactured more than 8 years ago, Honda is still paying for the repair.

    Ask your dealer to work with Honda, especially if your car is out of the extended warranty period and if they won't, find another one that will. You shouldn't have to pay for the repair. If you're in the DC area, I'm happy to share my dealer and the contact who has been working with me.

    Of course, whether this actually solves the problem remains to be seen. At least Honda is making a good faith effort in my case.

    Good luck!

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    03 Civic Hybrid CVT...

    03 Civic Hybrid CVT... 204,000 miles... I was driving on the freeway the other night when all of the sudden my check engine light started flashing and the the transmission seemed to be making an unusual noise. Then, it sounded like a belt or something breaking inside, and then i could no longer move. Needless to say, I had to coast from the middle lane over to the shoulder and the car no longer drives. I think the belt broke inside the transmission. I had to have the car towed. I have performed all of the "burnishing" and "fluid changes" they asked me to and have only had my car worked on at Honda. I called the dealer... estimated 4000 for new transmission. I owe around 2700 on my car, and the blue book value is around 3,000. So I dont know if its worth it to fix it at all. I dont think i will. I am completely disgusted with Honda for this. At 92,000 miles i experienced the same juttering and all those problems with the car discussed for the past 5 years. I had it serviced and it would go a way for a bit an then come back and then back again and then again and again and again for 103k miles and then ... snap and done.

    I called Honda America and they were unwilling to help me because of the miles on my car even though the problem was apparent 100k miles ago and they know that this transmission will fail. They know it an dont care. They have been making this transmission since the mid 90s and with the same issues.

    I was a mechanic before and worked on my friends 98 civic HX with the same type of tranny.... it had been replaced 3 times and his car had 95k miles on it. We ended up having to do a massive job an switching the tranny with an ex automatic transmission instead.

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    The radio code should be

    The radio code should be written inside the owners manual. It's a 5 digit numeric code usually found on the first page.

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    Have a '03 HCH with about

    Have a '03 HCH with about 134K wife just drove my daughter 60 mi south, and Engine light came on. When she pulled over, in Park the lights flashed between D (Drive) and P (Park) after sitting for a while off, she was able to drive it. Have had Judder issues for 40K and have done the double trans fluid replacement, but this feels like a new starter clutch or full transmission. Have enjoyed getting great mileage and hope this isn't the beginning of the end of my Honda Hybrid experience.

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    I just bought a 2003 Honda

    I just bought a 2003 Honda civic hybrid with 91,000 miles. Has a judder and it jerks when I let off the gas. Tranny needs a starter clutch and flywheel ring according to Lynnwood Honda and they want $1,900. They said no warranty and they charged me $100 to diagnose it plus a $55 oil change. Apparently the warranty is not on all hybrids. Seller had tranny serviced 1,000 miles before she sold it. I did not test drive it far enough, as it acts up more after it is warm. Very disappointed with this Honda. I think I will fix it and sell it as they seem to have recurring problems and go back to Toyota.

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    6/14/2011: Have the same

    6/14/2011: Have the same problem with my 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid (144,000 miles). Check Engine light came on and remains on so I went to Auto Zone parts store yesterday and they ran a free code check which revealed the following: (1) Code P0700: Definition Automatic transmission fault, probable cause indicates trans fault - check other codes. (2) Code 1890: Problem in CVT speed control system, probable cause; Open or short circuit condition or poor electrical connection or Faulty CTVF or internal transmission condition. Got up this morning and took the car to the Honda dealer in Woodbridge, VA and provided them the code data but they still had to do their own diagnostic at $75 and then stated that it needs a complete transmission replacement (approx $3,000 plus $1,000 labor = $4,000). Didn't get the work done as I needed to see if there were less expensive alternatives. Thus I have been cheching out this and other forums plus AAMCO transmission info websites etc. The vehicle has been used as a daily commuter since 2003 and has allowed use of the HOV lanes in Virginia and DC which has been a big plus in ownership. If something as simple as replacing transmission fluid and/or CVT belt or sensor as others have reports could keep it on the road for a few thousand more miles then I would be happy. Got to be carefull not to spend to much though on a depreciating asset. Figure $2,000 for catalytic converter replacements; $4,000 for new transmission and $5,000 for a new battery pack and you're hitting 50% of the cost of a new vehicle. Good luck!/BLB

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