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    I have an '05 HCH, and my

    I have an '05 HCH, and my CVT hesitates between "gears" sometimes. If I floor it (which is probably a bad idea) sometimes the CVT doesn't engage after "1st" and the RPM will shoot up and I have to take my foot off the gas. Sometimes it will hesitate cold too, and jerk into gear.

    After reading through this (the first posts at least) I think that it could be a combo of the belt, CVT clutch, and needs a fluid change (it's due).

    My second problem is that sometimes when I reverse, and then go forward, I heard metallic clicks that come from the front. It's worse when it's cold. It almost disappears when it's warm (I only noticed it once since it got warmer). Sometimes it also happens when I turn. My friend said that it sounded like CV joints, but she's not familiar with HCH's. Anyone have this happen?

    please email me if you know, I might not find my way back here;

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    hey guys, i am a honda tech

    hey guys,
    i am a honda tech in virginia and the problem with the civic cvt has nothing to do with the band and everything to do with a part called the start clutch the plates inside the start clutch get worn and cause the judder. in the early stages doing the burnish will clear it up but eventually once the mileage gets high enough it will not fix it and the start clutch needs to be replaced. (trust me i have done more start clutches than i can count) luckily honda will cover this repair up to 110K miles or 7 years i believe (they keep extending it).

    now in my personal opinion if you own a 2003-2005 civic hybrid SELL IT! that car will not last much past 110K, first you will need to have both catalytic converters replaced (yes it has two) that will cost about 5000 dollars (i have worked on cars where we have replaced 3 or 4 sets of cats) then the start clutch will need to be replaced that will cost about 1-2 thousand dollars.

    also at around 100K the IMA battery will go bad costing about 5000 dollars to be replaced.

    but the worst part that no one seems to be complaining about the metal band inside the transmission will break (again replaced more than i can count) when this happens you will have to replace the transmission because it cannot be rebuild. this will cost at least 5000.

    not to mention EGR valves and the fact that the civic hybrid goes through tires about every 30K.

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    My 2003 Civic Hybrid has the

    My 2003 Civic Hybrid has the same problem mentioned by everyone else. Has had 3-4 fluid flushes and the burnishing. They burnished it a second time when I just brought it in and called to say it was fine, I told them "NO, it is definitely NOT fine to have this much trouble with a Honda transmission at 80,000!! I'm not picking my car up until you guys really fix it. I don't want another patch up job so that it can break again as soon as the warranty is over. I want a new transmission."
    They are currently installing a rebuilt transmission. A compromise I guess. But if I have a single problem with it I'm going right back and tell them to take the piece of shit out of my car and maybe they should stop selling bogus parts to people and making their cars unreliable. Honda's reputation for quality and reliability is why people purchase these vehicles. But the newest crop of Hondas, other models too, not just Hybrids, have SERIOUS problems with them. I hope word gets out and Honda is pressured into better customer service, into making better parts, and into making right what they have done wrong.

    ~~One VERY IMPORTANT thing:


    There is a service bulletin out for these hybrid vehicles, especially the 2003 one. Our service bulletin clearly says that Honda is responsible for the defects and that since SO many people have complained, they are fixing them FOR FREE UNTIL 100,000 miles!


    THE DEALER RIPPED YOU OFF B/C HE FIGURES YOU WONT KNOW ABOUT THE BULLETIN, since they obviously don't publicize them, and lie about them through omission to their loyal customers. If a dealer charged you even a "deductible' (or made you pay half, anything) you deserve a refund. ALL WORK ON THIS PROBLEM IS DONE FOR FREE AND A LOANER VEHICLE IS TO BE PROVIDED FOR ALL TIME THEY HAVE YOUR CAR!!!! (they put me in a Toyota RAV4- I think it's ironic that they'd give me a TOYOTA to drive when my HONDA IS BROKEN- way to go showing off how your competition is more reliable!!! STUPID. and they totally stuck-it-to-me by giving me an SUV- kinda funny though, to make someone w/a hybrid drive an SUV loaner car- I've already put as much gas in it as I would use in 2 weeks in my car- I hope it's done very soon!) If you give your dealer money, expecting that he is being honest, think again, do research and PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST LYING DEALERSHIPS!! They will charge you double or triple what the actual cost is for them, or for that matter, what you would pay if you went to an honest mechanic not a dealership. THEY KEEP ALL YOUR MONEY-- they can put it right in their pocket and buy their wife some nice jewelry that evening... because they've already submitted your claim to HONDA, it is NOT YOUR EXTENDED WARRANTY, even if you have NO WARRANTY- HONDA IS REQUIRED TO FIX YOUR VEHICLE IF IT IS UNDER 100,000 miles.

    I have been on many sites where people reported paying thousands of dollars to repair this problem... It makes me angry that they are being ripped off by honda. It makes me think really low of Honda that they'd ALL KNOW ABOUT THE PROBLEM (from the bulletin- your dealer DOES KNOW) but try to lie to their customers that they don't know and then CHARGE THEM for the manufacturer's faulty design!! I am SO SO SO lucky that my dealer was SORTA honest. It took me 2 years and many trips there, but they did the fluid changes for free and the burnishing. I'm sure they would have NEVER told me about the bulletin, that it wasn't just me, or that Honda could repair the entire trans for free, but my persistence paid off! I finally confronted a tech in their service department. I told him that I was tired of being lied to and that I knew that there was a big problem with my transmission. That I had known about it since I bought the car, just because of the feel and the noise. I had faith in them for a while and listened to their bullshit, but I told him I was done and they need to be straight with me. THAT'S when they told me about the bulletin... which made me think- HOLY CRAP I GOT A LEMON! They also told me "not enough people have complained, so we don't have to do a recall, but if people complain we can fix it for free. Great way to sweep it under the carpet so that the American public doesn't find out about it!! This information, coupled with their attitude of "oh well, not ENOUGH of our cars suck to recall the ones that do" made me start digging into the problem- that's when I realized what a BIG problem it really is. I've gotten more and more angry the more I look into this- and other Honda defect horror stories! WHAT THE HELL~!?! I am just TOTALLY DISGUSTED WITH HONDA.

    I have had many Hondas, my mother and I both have only owned Hondas for a while. Even her motorcycle and my brother's dirt bike are honda!!!!! I've gotten WELL OVER 100,000 with no problems, and only had to replace minor wear and tear things well into the upper 100,000s.


    I am also telling everyone I know how crappy they are and that they should never get a honda hybrid especially. I even tell random customers that chat with me at work. I want the WHOLE WORLD TO KNOW THAT HONDA IS NO LONGER AN HONEST, RELIABLE, QUALITY COMPANY!!!!!!

    ** Stand up for yourselves. Talk to some mechanics or friends- someone who can give you a free and honest opinion, or at least do more research. Do not let the dealerships push you around until your car has no warranty and you're left with a $20 something thousand piece of crap car. If you notice even a TINY problem with your trans, take it in right away, tell them upfront that you know about the bulletin and that you would like them to replace your transmission. They will probably tell you about the burnishing. That they have to do that first. You can tell them that if they did THEIR research they'd know that it doesn't fix the problem AT ALL. If they insist on doing that first, which they probably will, I would kindly tell them that you will see them in a month or two when your transmission starts going bad again and that the next time you see them you expect a replacement transmission. When you go in the next time, after the burnishing doesn't work, then when you call to make the appointment, tell them to order your parts, they probably wont, but they will know that you know what the heck is going on and that they aren't getting away with another phoney burnishing trick!!!!! You have to DEMAND things, and BOTHER THEM. Squeaky wheel gets oiled first. I didn't realize till this how being a bitch really does pay off. Nice guys do finish last...

    In conclusion- I like my little car, but
    1.) The repairs make saving gas money pointless- since down the road repairs will cost more than you will EVER save on gas.
    2.) The repairs make saving the clean air pointless- since all the thrown away and recycled parts are bad for the environment and will cost more fuel to process and create more pollution than if you just had a regular RELIABLE vehicle.

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    I have a 2003 civic hybrid

    I have a 2003 civic hybrid and have had some problems with the CVT like a lot of other people. the real fix is to have someone do a full fluid flush and put in new CVT fluid from honda. The dealer I went to only did a drain and fill which replaces aproximately 50 or 60% of the fluid. I went to an independent service station that has a power flush machine for transmissions. He drained the standard AT fluid from the machine and used the Honda CVT fluid. This required a few extra quarts above and beyond what the CVT needs so it is a little more expensive (Honda CVT fluid costs $9-$14 per quart) but I have been able to go a lot longer (>30,000 miles) before needing to do it again. If you only do the drain and fill you'll only get 5,000 or 10,000 or at most 20,000 miles before needing it again. by the way the dealer charged about $100.00 for his service and the independent garage charged less than $200.00 to do it the right way.

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    If you just buy enough

    If you just buy enough bottles for 3 changes you'll have virtually flushed the system, ie: there will be very little of the original fluid remaining. Personally I'm opting to do *single* changes, myself, more frequently, say yearly. Doing this means you've *nearly* replaced all your fluid bi-annually, and there's a steady supply of fresh fluid.

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    Wow. I have a 2003 Civic

    Wow. I have a 2003 Civic Hybrid that I bought new early in 2003. Like the rest of you, I had a problem with my transmission at 54,000 miles in 2005. It was replaced with a new transmission for $2913.57-under warranty at no cost to me -luckily. The interesting thing here to note is, I did not have an extended warranty. The transmission was out of warranty at 36,000 miles. However, because I returned to the dealer for every service like clockwork, they covered the transmission even though it was out of warranty. They also covered a replacement IMA battery pack at 118,000 miles even though it too was out of warranty. Currently, I have 164,000 miles on my 03 Civic Hybrid. Even though the transmission was replaced, it never failed to get me where I needed to go and even though the batteries were replaced, the car was still completely drivable with the warning light on.
    I'm an engineer, so I record everything. Right down to every single gas receipt for the past six years. To this day, I still achieve over 40 actual miles per gallon average as long as I don't let my leadfoot wife drive the car (although the carís optimistic computer shows more like 42 as an average for each tank).
    All told, I have spent just under $7,000 in maintenance and repairs (including new windshield, tires, 12 V battery, window tint, etc.) which works out to about FOUR CENTS PER MILE. Adding in the cost of insurance, purchase price, license, fuel, and maintenance together, the vehicle still only cost me $.27 per mile to operate! With reimbursement from the Feds at $.50 per mile, I actually make money using it for work.
    The previous posts seem to have one thing in common and that is a lack of diligent, timely maintenance by a quality dealer. Reading through the posts, I saw comments like, "I perform all the maintenance myself", "I took it to my mechanic (non-Honda)", and several like, "another mechanic I know said...".
    There are four Honda dealers closer to my house than the one I take it to, but my dealer in Ventura, although 23 miles away, is a consistent President's award winner year-over-year for service and that's why I go there (and admittedly pay a little bit more). Without a doubt, this Civic is the best car I've ever owned (and I've owned British cars, American cars, German cars, and Japanese cars over the last 25 years). My only recommendation to people buying technologically sophisticated vehicles is this; Don't cheap out on the maintenance. Hybrid vehicles are nothing like your 1970 Chevy Nova.
    In the summer of 2007, American Honda Motor Co. released a warranty extension to all documented owners of 2001 to 2005 Civic GX, Civic HX, Insight, or 2003 to 2005 Civic hybrids with the CVT. The warranty extension covers the CVT for judder or slippage for seven years or 100,000 miles. The extended warranty also covers you if you have already paid for CVT repair for judder or slippage and the mailer even came with a Request for Reimbursement form enclosed. To be documented, you only need to see your dealer or go online and register. As a side note, I wonder how many people got their ECM computers reprogrammed? Because that's something that needs to be done as well, and is supposed to be done for free.

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    unfortunately, i never came

    unfortunately, i never came across this site.(argh!!). i just bought a used 03 civic hybrid car and already have a transmission problem. i took for maintanance and the diagnosis came out as error code:70-02 A/T system malfunction. what do i do?

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    Wayne from California wrote,

    Wayne from California wrote, in part:

    "The previous posts seem to have one thing in common and that is a lack of diligent, timely maintenance by a quality dealer"

    Dealership maintenance can be a two edged sword, imho. Yes they are more knowledgable, have the service bulletins, have all the tools, including the ones for interfacing with the car's computer.

    But they also tend to be under the gun for time and money. Maybe the "healthiest" situation is one where the owner takes a hand in at least the mundane maintenance, but stays in touch with dealership's service department.

    The service manager is a big factor. If they are receptive/informative, it goes good. If they "talk down to you", and bluff, it's well: bad.

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    well, it seems i got ahold

    well, it seems i got ahold of a2005 hx civic w/cvt. Im glad im not the only one having problems. bought the car used w/ 49k.im at 99k now.had 2 trans flushes and the burnish nonsense. bought useless warranty just in case. they denied claim because although i had receipts for the fluid i indicated 60k for my service.i guess honda and the warranty company wanted specifics like 60204mls. anyway, problem back, but i think ill go annoy one of these crazy dealers and see if i can get that trans replaced.like the car fine.i usually get between 33 and 38 mpg and everything else works. I am also getting some hesistation pulling off from a stop and some groining/grinding coming to a stop. any pointers dealing with this would be greatly appreciated.

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    how are the feds paying to

    how are the feds paying to use the 2003 hybrid civic? i have the same car and have no idea what your talking about can you please explain thanks

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