I have an '05 HCH, and my CVT hesitates between "gears" sometimes. If I floor it (which is probably a bad idea) sometimes the CVT doesn't engage after "1st" and the RPM will shoot up and I have to take my foot off the gas. Sometimes it will hesitate cold too, and jerk into gear.

After reading through this (the first posts at least) I think that it could be a combo of the belt, CVT clutch, and needs a fluid change (it's due).

My second problem is that sometimes when I reverse, and then go forward, I heard metallic clicks that come from the front. It's worse when it's cold. It almost disappears when it's warm (I only noticed it once since it got warmer). Sometimes it also happens when I turn. My friend said that it sounded like CV joints, but she's not familiar with HCH's. Anyone have this happen?

please email me if you know, I might not find my way back here;