On the subject of floor mats, did everyone see the RECALL?

This DOES NOT apply to the factory original mats that have the holes, with hold-down hooks built into the floor. Those mats are safe, and present no problem.

BUT... some Toyota dealers were selling NON-FACTORY floor mats with new car sales. Got them from some discount auto parts houses.

These non-factory floor mats can shift position, and get caught on the throttle pedal, causing the engine to go full throttle, and stay there!!!! Makes for very bad days.

p.s.- if you ever have "issues" with the throttle control system, the Prius engine can be shut down by pressing and holding down the "power" button for about three seconds. That should kill the engine regardless of transmission or throttle settings.

Normally, tapping the power button only kills the engine if the car is parked, and engine is at idle.