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    Hmm, I traded my '05

    Hmm, I traded my '05 Corvette for an '06 Prius. I did this because I hate OPEC. All the same, my first few weeks had me stuck in the mid 30-mpgs, that is until I read a few posts from other Prius owners such as these here. Pretty soon, I was reeling in mpgs in the 40s. The only thing I did was remember to let the electric motor do most of the work as for as long as possible and as often as possible.

    I recently took the Prius on a road trip to Columbus GA and to Birmingham AL. Myself, a passenger, 4 days worth of clothing and a load of photography gear (about 200-lbs or so). We took I-95 from Northern VA to I-81,...which is nothing but mole hills all the way to Atlanta. The Prius still yielded a a solid 44mpg. That said, surprisingly, the return trip yield 41.x mpg.

    All the same, I often tease my non-hybrid car friends alot because the Prius does so well in fuel economy. I tell ya, I just may sell my '06 if gas goes North of $3 and buy an '08 as I'm sure Toyota did a lot of improvements to the 3Gen version over the 2Gen version.


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    I have a 2008 Toyota Prius

    I have a 2008 Toyota Prius with 18,100 miles on it. I absolutely love it. I figured out that by using Mobil Gasoline, the MPG increased by about 5 MPG. I used to get high 40's in the Winter and low 50's in the Summer, but now, with the Mobil Gasoline, I am averaging about 52-55 all year. You also have to constantly watch the Energy Flow Screen and do the following, to obtain the highest MPG:
    1-Do not use just Electric Mode while driving through town. That just drains the battery, causing gas engine to come on sooner to charge the battery.
    2-When you go on the highway, floor it to get up to speed and then once you are up to speed (55 is a sweet spot), release the gas pedal and then reapply it gently to hold the speed.
    3-When going down a hill on the highway, just remove your foot from the gas and don't use the brake.
    4-When in the city, and you are on a flat road, use the "Fly Mode", which is activated by watching the Energy Flow Screen and placing the gas pedal in a location which makes it so there are no arrows on the screen.
    5-Anticipate stops such as stop signs, traffic, or traffic lights. Simply remove your foot from the gas about a 1/2 mile from the stop area and you will probably get to the light after the red has already turned green so you won't need to use your brakes.
    6-Minimize use of A/C
    7-remove all unnecessary items on or in the car.
    8-maintain your Prius.

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    I think 50mph is closer to

    I think 50mph is closer to the sweet spot. But most road I drive, Iíd get run off the road doing it. So I only do it on the back roads when there arenít other cars around.

    I also tend to think that moderate acceleration is better than hard acceleration. Hard acceleration may involve lower mileage over a shorter distance but you also use more battery assistance doing it. Moderate acceleration does not drop the mileage as much as hard acceleration and requires less battery assistance.

    But I think the bottom line on acceleration is the difference between the two methods, regardless of which is better, is probably on the order of 0.01 Ė 0.001 gallons per acceleration. Iím not sure that difference would show up on a mpg readout accurate (at most) to one decimal point. Things like tire pressure and clean air filters will have more of an effect on mileage than acceleration.

    Changing my commute to optimize the use of 50 Ė 55mph roads has helped. Iím on my third revision to my commute. Iíve gone from using about 1.08 gallons round trip to using 0.92 gallons round trip. If I had more time to deal with the traffic in the morning, I could probably get it down to 0.82 gallons round trip. But I can shorten the time of my commute by 15 minutes by drivng an extra 6 miles on back roads.

    The one thing I keep reminding myself every night as I make the last leg of my commute, an 8 mile uphill climb, and my realtime mileage drops into the 20-30mpg rangeÖ its still better than the 18mpg I used to get in my Jeep Wrangler.

    Overall, Iím averaging 53 Ė 56mpg.

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    I purchased a 2009 Prius,

    I purchased a 2009 Prius, and was happily getting 47 mpg around town. Just wondering why it has fallen in the past week or two, to 40 mpg ? I am not aware of driving any differently....any advice here ?

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    I just spoke to the dealer's

    I just spoke to the dealer's service dept. a few hours ago regarding a drop off from 50-52 mpg to 44-46 mpg over the last few weeks. I thought it was because I had to put in 5w-20 at the last oil change because the oil place didn't have 0w-20. He said it wasn't that and verified that the temperature has everything to do with it. We actually haven't been that cold recently (mid 40's -50) during the day but he said even that would cause a dropoff.

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    oil companies have started

    oil companies have started selling "winter formula" gasoline. Everybody gets worse mileage on the "winter" gas. The change in formula is supposed to reduce winter air pollution. But it also drastically reduces gase mileage. Prius owners notice this sooner because of all the neat gauges and readouts on the dashboard.

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    I'd kill for some mid 40's -

    I'd kill for some mid 40's - 50's right now. On the way home I drove through some pockets of 1F. My place is a little sheltered from the wind, so we at least stayed at 10F.

    I've pretty much given up on trying to hypermile until the daytime temp gets back up to 30F. I just keep reminding myself I'm still getting double the mileage of my old Wrangler.

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    in response to letters from

    in response to letters from Lily, John R and Mr. Bear - I'm so glad I found this site!!!! I have an '06, and was consistantly getting at the 48 mpg until about 3 weeks ago! I've brought it in, had a complete diagnostic done - nothing wrong. Only change was new tires (necessary). Of course, the dealer says it's the gas, but I've been using the same gas station since I bought the car. I live in central Fla., so it's not the cold. Haven't changed my driving style, or the routes I take. I'm circling 42 - to me that's significant. Someone suggested that the A/C was using too much battery, so I turned it off for awhile. Another poosibility was that the tires were "taller" than the old ones. Anyone got any other ideas?

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    1) You never had a "winter

    1) You never had a "winter gas" drop before?

    2) did you just get an unusual temperature drop like the rest of the country?

    3) did you get the same tires the prius comes with or different ones? If you got different tires - that's it.

    4) check your air filter and tire pressure. They may have left the tire pressure on the low side. It makes the ride more comfortable but increases mileage.

    5) if it's none of those, maybe consider having the 12v battery tested. As the 12v battery loses it's capacity to keep a charge, mileage will drop.

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    I can see why you would be

    I can see why you would be upset about 45 mpg rather than 60. Even 45mpg sounds amazing to me. I'm sporting a ford bronco. I get an awesome 10mpg. I can't wait to get a new car...

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