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    We have been getting around

    We have been getting around 40 mpg based upon actual gas consumption, while the console shows 44 mpg. Have others experienced this difference?

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    I've been getting around

    I've been getting around 42-45 mpg. But on longer freeway drives I'm closer to 50 mpg.

    We're having a cold summer here in Seattle though, and it's killing my mileage. It takes longer for the car to warm up, the engine idles, and my mileage plunges. Sigh...

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    It must be that those

    It must be that those consuming alcohol are frequently those driving slowly (hard to see the lines if you're going too fast while inebriated).

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    We're in about the same mpg

    We're in about the same mpg range as most report. After 2.5 years and 43,000 miles we are overall 45.6 mpg. The Achilles heel for our mpg is short trips, 5 to 10 minutes, in low temperature weather. During the November- March time we get about 39 mpg overall. During May-September we get around 50 mpg.

    Summer long distance road trips give us around 52-54 mpg, while our infrequent multiple series of trips to downtown Chicago on the rush-hour Eisenhower tends to register in the high 50s.

    One two tank fill-up while driving the up and down hills highways of southern Yellowstone Park at 45-50 mph gave us a combined average of just over 77 mpg. I guess the hills and speed just properly matched the engine and battery performance.

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    Any idea how the Prius does

    Any idea how the Prius does at altitude? I live in Colorado at about 6500 feet and commute to places as high as 8400 feet. My Tundra is only getting about 15 mpg.

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    2008 Prius Pkg 2 bought

    2008 Prius Pkg 2 bought 3-26-08. Now has 1650 miles on it. We have ranged from 48 to 52 mpg with a lot of short <15min. drives. Almost never get on a highway which does NOT have traffic signals.

    So far our impressions are all positive. Took a while to figure out how to drive to improve mpg. Probably the two biggest things we have found to increase mpg is to think ahead and use cruise control. We now look as far ahead as possible to anticipate traffic signals and anticipate whether we will have to stop or not. We use the cruise control everwhere where it is safe to do so. On non-hybrid cars we found the use of the cruise control improved mpg approx. 10 percent and assume the same savings with the Prius.

    With gasoline around $4 / gallon we love the miserly ways of the Prius!

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    2006 Prius has 72K miles and

    2006 Prius has 72K miles and is averaging 48-50mpg during the summer (mostly 70+mph highway driving) and as low as 43mpg in the cold Michigan winter months.

    Short 5-10 minute trips are killers for mpg.

    We bought the car to save money on gas when it was selling for $2.25/gal. Now at over $4.00 per gallon, the Prius is money in the bank.

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    57 IS DANGEROUSLY SLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Keep tires to max specs. I

    Keep tires to max specs.

    I found a 94 octane gas combined with my slow starts and coast to red lights driving = 60+mpg in my 2001 Prius.

    A little faster downhill and coast up hill using battery as long as possible.

    Turn a/c off going up hill but use fan, and a/c back on at crest of hill.

    Watch battery/engine monitor and jack rabbits to the rear; just let them go; you can usually coast passed them at the next light.

    52 miles per hour highway
    45 in town.

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    The difference between 52

    The difference between 52 miles per hour and 70 miles per hour is around 16 mpg.

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