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Thread: FEH Heater

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    FEH Heater

    Tomorrow, I pick up my new 2007 FEH 4WD and have yet to figure out how the interior heater works. Does it heat the cabin like other cars using the water from the cooling system? If so, how well does it heat when you're using the electric motor rather than the gas engine?

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    Congrads on your new FEH!

    The heater works the same as regular vehicles and most people say it works great.

    After the FEH gets broke-in, mileage and EV speeds will increase up to ~38mph for the FWD and ~35mph for the AWD depending on outside temp. The big thing is keeping the HV battery temp near ideal 82F. If it is hot outside, the A/C compressor will run when the ICE starts, no matter if you have the cabin A/C on or not. If it is cold outside, there is no heater for the HV battery, so a cold or hot battery will not charge very well. This will effect EV driving which saves fuel.

    There are many ways to improve mileage in the FEH/MMH if you are willing to work for it. There is an article Brad Berman put together for the FEH/MMH here on Hybridcars.com., and I wrote an Article on Hypermiling The Ford Escape Hybrid at http://www.cleanmpg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=350 . My MPG now ranges between 42-55mpg tank averages year round, but I have the FWD, here in So. Florida.

    If you are in a cold climate, I've come up with an idea that may help keep your HV battery warmer, but it needs to be tested which I can't do in my location. Here is a link to the thread you can review if you like.


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    Im looking for a similar

    Im looking for a similar answer but what I think were looking for is, will the cabin warm up if the engine is not running?

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    There are to water pumps

    There are to water pumps that circulate engine coolant. The engine must be ran to heat up the coolant to supply the heater core for cabin heat. The primary water pump is driven by the engine belt but of course in EV that pump stops. In EV, a small electric is activated to circulate coolant to the heater core so the heater continues to provide heat to the cabin. If your electric pump stops working in EV, the cabin will cool down in EV. This has been reported in the past.

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    I've noticed my mileage in

    I've noticed my mileage in the winter (especially colder months) has really declined from ~34 to ~30. This is largely driven by the car running the engine for heat. I often turn off the heat (only use the electric seats) just so I can get the hybrid advantage.

    I have the nav system, and on the second info screen, the power & efficiency tab, one can see the state it's in and why. I've seen reasons the motor is running as cold engine, heater setting, acceleration, high speed, low battery, and normal operation.

    Basically, the heat reduces fuel economy, and it's not the strongest heater I've seen, but it's a choice if you want to burn gas to stay warm or burn gas to just go places.

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