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Thread: Prius Tires

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    We have a 2008 Prius and

    We have a 2008 Prius and have kept its maintenance on schedule. We are at almost 34,000 miles and have had to have it aligned 3 times due to uneven tire wear; tires have been rotated on schedule. We are having to get new tires now for safety. After owning many cars in our lifetime, replacing tires after only 34,000 miles doesn't seem right. After reading the many comments on this website, I have to wonder if there is a design problem with this vehicle. We love everything about our Prius and have had no other problems, but the tire wear is a big concern.

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    I own a 2007 Toyota Prius

    I own a 2007 Toyota Prius and just changed tires for the first time. Based on the above posts I think I did better than average! My factory tires lasted 58,000 miles! I averaged anywhere from 50-55 miles per gallon. I'd end up around 48 miles per gallon when traveling at interstate speeds though. It's only been a day - literally - since I changed my tires but between yesterday and today I've seen a drop of 7-10 miles per gallon at 60 mph and a drop of 12-13 miles per gallon at 67 miles per hour.


    Does anyone have any suggestions???!!!???!!!

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    Would anybody recommended

    Would anybody recommended the
    Michelin saver energy V from costco store for my prius 07. Al cost $723

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    Regarding mileage and tires.

    Regarding mileage and tires. First, some tires have more rolling friction than others. Prius factory original tires are a "low friction tire". They get better mileage than "normal tires". At the expense of not being able to drive around corners like a race-car.

    Second, the size of the tires matters. Prius factory tires have a small tread width, and are made of harder rubber, with higher inflation pressure to reduce rolling friction. Kind of like bicycle tires. they are VERY skinny, and run high pressure to get the least amount of rolling friction possible.

    And lastly, and MOST IMPORTANT!!! Did the people who mounted your tires INFLATE THEM PROPERLY???

    If you bought the same size tire as factory original, the tires are MEANT TO RUN AT 40PSI INFLATION.

    But the knuckle-dragging dweebs at the tire stores inflate all passenger tires to 30psi out of habit! I once caught them inflating 85psi tires on an E-350 cargo truck to only 32psi.

    Last time I had my tires rotated, the @#$% at the tire store REDUCED all my tires to 32psi. I did not realize this until my next fill-up.

    32PSI in a Prius tire will cost you OVER 5 MPG easily.

    FIRST- check the markings on the tire sidewall. if it says 32psi max, you may want to return the tires as "unsuitable" for your car. But if the tires are rated for 44psi or more, inflate the tires to 40psi, and see how that affects your mileage. Do not inflate above 40psi unless you are carrying heavy loads. Too much air pressure does not save any additional mileage, it just causes the tire to wear out faster.

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    We have an '05 Prius bought

    We have an '05 Prius bought used at 42K. At 50K we replaced the tires with Michelin HydroEdge. We got an alignment at the time and were told that the rear was out-of-spec and we needed an accentuated bolt (?) so they could adjust it. I believe this was a production defect--can't align the rear tires to bring them into spec. By the time we got the rear alignment issue fixed and the wheels properly aligned, they were already cupped/out of round. We then tried to salvage them by running them on the front, forever... As the HydroEdge is unidirectional, we could only rotate front & back. Eventually they wore back into round, but by then the back tires were getting cupped again. Couldn't bear the thought of replacing these expensive tires earlier than their lifespan. Car now has 130K so the HydroEdges reached their 80K treadwear, but at a cost in bumpy & noisy ride for most of that time. On the other hand, I have never driven on better performing tires--excellent in the rain, never had a skidding or hydroplaning incident with these. Mileage probably a little worse by 3-5% (we average ~48 mpg).

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    My 2007 Pruis got up to

    My 2007 Pruis got up to 45,000 miles when the tires would not pass inspection. I have found factory tires do not last as long anyway. I put on Michelin at $129.00 each since I found the factory tires to be lousy in ice and slushy New England Roads and wanted something rated for all weather. I feel tires are the most important safety feature of a car so I generally do my homework and put on good tires. These Michelin are rated for 75,000 miles. By then I'll be in a new car.

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    I have gone through 2 sets

    I have gone through 2 sets of Goodyears (OEM) averaging 45000 per set. I was surprised that users are experiencing difficulty handling in the snow. My experience has been just the opposite and they never hydroplane. I thought that they handled so well in bad weather due to the weight of the battery in the back. Do you think the new Michelin high mileage tires will be as safe as the Goodyear tires? I was hoping to wait for a $70 dollar Michelin rebate from Costco which should come up soon.

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    Aug. 2010: I purchased

    Aug. 2010: I purchased Ecopia tires about 15k miles ago. The card regularly achieves 52-55 mpg without hypermiling. This is the same mpg achieved with the original tires (replaced at 40k miles). I had the tires rotated recently and the wear is less than expected (i.e., they are not wearing out permaturely).

    Highly recommended. They are sold at Firestone. No, I'm not a tire guy but became regular at Firestone when my Volvo dealer recommended Bridgestone (they own Firestone).

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    Whoops, that's car (not

    Whoops, that's car (not card) in the above post. Also, we have a 2007 Prius. The car gets the 52-55 mpg whether flat or coastal mountains.

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    I just bought a 2007 prius

    I just bought a 2007 prius last night with 80,000 on it. Driving with windows up and ac on is a dream. Coming home tonight, put the rear windows down and the beatingnoise was so excruiating on my ears that I had to put the windows up. The passenger seat was vibrating and of course I'm totally freaking out. Do you think this could be my tire pressure or something else?

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