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Thread: Prius Tires

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    We're on our second

    We're on our second Prius.....'05, and '10. The Integrity tire yielded about 35000 for the '05....second set still good when we traded up to the '10...which has yokohamas. At 23k, we need to replace the tires with winter coming on. It sounds like the Bridgestone Ecopia has rendered the best performance. By the way, don't ever treat the computer mpg as gospel. First, the odometer reads about 5% error..typically a short mile! This has been true for both of our cars. But...we're still averaging 50+ for trips, and with the '10, about 46 around town, other than winter.

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    The 1st gen cars (2001-03)

    The 1st gen cars (2001-03) are much heavier than later generations. The specs for a 2002, which is what I have, is 175/65R14 and the most important part is they must be 84S (load carrying spec) or you'll just tear through tires because they're not up to the weight of the car.

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    I had to change the tires on

    I had to change the tires on my '06 Prius about 4.5 after I owned it, November 2010. I replaced them with Pirelli P4s since there was a Nation-wide backorder on the Michelin Hydroedges. I love the Pirelli's. They have an 80,000 mi warranty, and the car handles SOOO much better than with the tires that came with the car. The tire place was impressed the stock tires lasted around 50,000 miles. New tires and an alignment will definitely help some of the handling issues, and how it drives in snow, rain, and ice. I've had no problems, but then again I did grow up in Colorado and know how to drive in the snow.

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    I have a 2007 with 103,000

    I have a 2007 with 103,000 miles on it. I just put my third set of tires on it. 1st set OEM 45,000 49MPG 2nd 102,000 49MPG 3rd 1000 44MPG. it seems that tires are a very big deal when it comes to mileage.

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    I have a 2008 Prius and have

    I have a 2008 Prius and have the GoodYear Integrity tires and I have 52,000 miles on the odometer and still have the original Integrity tires. I do not believe in rotating tires. All four tires should be replaced at the same time anyways, so why rotate them! I have a set of Bridgestone snow tires that I used to use when I lived up north and probably only have around 2,000 miles on those, so I have around 50,000 miles on my Integrities and I still have tread left. I just always checked the tire pressure every few weeks and kept it at the PSI ratings listed on the sticker in the door jam of the drivers door. That's really the only maintenance there is to make the tires last. I am ordering new tires soon and will definately be keeping the Integrity tires on my 2008 Prius. They are great tires!!

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    Here's how you make sure the

    Here's how you make sure the tire PSI is perfect and the light will not come on.
    1- Let tires cool off before adjusting tire pressure. An hour or two of sitting should be good.
    2-set tire pressure to the PSI listed on the tire information sticker located in the drivers door jam (35 front/ 33 rear)
    3-That's it. Just repeat this process every few weeks to make sure you maintain a constant tire pressure to minimize any premature tire wear.

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    Big American gas guzzlers

    Big American gas guzzlers put money into middle eastern terrorist groups! Check out wikipedia page on the prius for more. Plus many American cars use parts from other countries & many are are made elsewhere. Feeling all so "American" now??? Peace & consuming less IS more American, just like dissent - live with it.

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    Hardness rating??? No such

    Hardness rating??? No such thing I've ever heard of. Maybe you're in a different country? What do you mean? Treadwear rating?

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    there is some good

    there is some good information on tires for a first gen Prius here:


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    I will ad, I am at 115K in

    I will ad, I am at 115K in my 2008 prius getting ready for the 5th set of tires Sears warrantied 2 sets when I got 20K and 25K on the tires. I drive 80MPH so I am sure that doesnt help. ironically I am still on the orginal brake pads.. This is my company car, I will have to agree with Mr Hummer up above my Yukon wears tires well and is a beast only negitive is the gas..

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