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Thread: Prius Tires

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    I drive a lot of mountain

    I drive a lot of mountain roads in wet and dry. For best performance, milage and tire wear on my '06 Prius I check the tire pressure (I run 35psi) and get tires with the higest hardness rating. Dealers like to talk all kinds of "features" but I am not looking for high speed cornering, super soft rides or the ability to float down a river and not lose traction (if the warer is deep, slow down !!!). Ask for a comparison of hardness rating, I normally get 35 to 40K miles over some pretty nasty mountain roads with the highest hardness rating the dealer has available.

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    I drive mine in construction

    I drive mine in construction zones - housing, apartments, commercial where there is typically a lot of debris. Never had a problem. I think you are just having a run of bad luck.

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    how are the tires working

    how are the tires working for you now? I have a 2010 Prius with 34,000 miles all highway miles, tires are rotated regularly low pressure light comes on and front tire keeps loosing pressure have to fill tire once a week, treads are still good but shopping for best tire replacement

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    I just put 50,000 miles on

    I just put 50,000 miles on my Prius 2008, and I still have the original tires! I am amazed at how good EVERYTHING with my Prius has been.

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    We have a 2007 Prius at

    We have a 2007 Prius at about 95,000. We are on our 2nd set of tires, ready to replace the 2nd set.
    Live in AZ, so have a high heat situation for several months. When we replaced the orig set, they talked us into a tire other than original equipment Goodyear Integrity...after driving less than a week, we insisted they honor their agreement to change them if we were un happy...we were getting a good 5 mpg less than the 45-50 we consistently had gotten. Now they are advertising the Goodyear assurance, as lo rolling resistance, but we are concerned that they will not be as good as the Goodyear Integrity which was OEM. The rear tires look good so we will most likely just replace the front ones.
    Tires are a definite concern if you want to maintain the MPG on your Prius.

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    I'm just getting ready to

    I'm just getting ready to purchase new tires for my 2006 Prius. 48,000 miles and still ok, but want new as we approach winter. I haven't had any problems like I'm reading on this blog. However, I haven't been happy with the marginal traction performance. I don't mind losing 1 mpg or so, but my Prius pride doesn't want to lose 4-5 mpg for better traction.


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    Tried to buy the Michelin

    Tried to buy the Michelin A/S tires and you can't get them anywhere. They're on "national" backorder for 6 to 8 months out depending on who you speak to. They must really be good because everyone's sold out.

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    My wife's 2005 Prius has

    My wife's 2005 Prius has serious handling capabilities on a wet surface. The tread is still basically good but she wants to buy a new set. Wet traction is the priority and mileage is second. Suggeste mileage, I think is a myth. I have never reached the targegt mileage for any of the tires I bought and I have been driving for over 60 years.

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    I have a 2004 Prius with

    I have a 2004 Prius with 123k miles on it. I have replaced the tires twice - the original low rolling resistance tires lasted maybe 30k miles. the first set I bought was goodyear(don't recall specific model) and lasted maybe 45k (i recall being dissappointed they didn't last 50k, but only mildly) Since then i switched to a set of BF Goodrich from Costco that are not low rolling resistance and have had no issues. I also have zero traction problems, having driven home in a blizzard that dumped over 24 inches of snow in 24 hours. My mileage is still pretty good (45-48mpg).

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    Didn't you have to replace

    Didn't you have to replace the hybrid battery? Seems it has to be replaced @ around 100k.

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