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Thread: Prius Tires

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    I just read your story...

    I just read your story... Tire pressure to much makes tire wear uneven. 45lbs makes tires wear from middle out , to litle makes tires wear from outside 1st. recommended is 35lbs front and 33lbs back. I received Good Year tires and call Good Year for a better tire after 7,000 miles . I paid 20.00 more and I was given their best tire, which lasted 42,000 miles. The tire is rated to last 80,000 miles, lets see today if they make good on these tires.

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    I have a 2007 Prius, owned

    I have a 2007 Prius, owned by me since 2009. I've had 3 Flat tires in less than the 2 years I've owned the car. What is going on? I'm searching for answers, too. Car is receiving regular maintenance.

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    Regular maintenance isn't

    Regular maintenance isn't going to have a lot of effect on flat tire prevention.

    Are you having blowouts or picking up nails?

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    i have the same problem with

    i have the same problem with constantly having to refill my tires.. i've come to ignore the light for a few weeks before i actually go check the tires and they're usually 5lbs under. I've mentioned it to my toyota dealer too and they tell me it's fine. had them check for leaks too and they found nothing..

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    2010 Prius T4, 47600 miles,

    2010 Prius T4, 47600 miles, 2.5mm on front tyres 6mm on rears (Michelin Premacy), this is the softest car I have ever had with regard to tyres, normally struggle to get more than 25k in fact once had a Focus that used to avaerage 9 -11k for the fronts.
    The tyres are very good on good surfaces but quite noisy on surfaces such as concrete (Motorway from Scunthorpe to Grimsby is dire). I will definately be fitting same tyres when down to 1.6mm.

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    2010 Prius - Bought this

    2010 Prius - Bought this February/2011. Two weeks after purchase, NAIL in sidewall. Had to purchase new tire. Three months later, (TODAY, another NAIL in SIDEWALL - Ecopia 20. I have to buy another tire! ($146) Is anyone getting nails in the sidewalls often? I've driven my other car to MEXICO and back from mid America-USA, and not got a nail. I haven't had a NAIL in a sidewall in all of my 40+ years of driving. No other car in my garage has or has had a nail in a sidewall to cause a purchase of a new tire. I've driven my cars up to life of tires.. Is there something about this tire, or just coincidence?

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    Is it possible you picked up

    Is it possible you picked up all the nails on the same route? Could a bunch of nails were spilled somewhere on it.

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    Yeah! :)


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    I have a 2008 with 30K and

    I have a 2008 with 30K and need new tires - pre-purchased Mich Hydro Edge 2 months ago but anticipated delivery is 2-3 months out. Not sure what to get instead since they aren't even in production yet. Any recommendations?

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    I have an '08 prius and I am

    I have an '08 prius and I am just now putting on new tires for the 1st time @ 60,000 mi.

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