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Thread: Prius Tires

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    I love my 2006 Prius but

    I love my 2006 Prius but have the same problems with tires, at 30,000 the wear was slick , reduced gas milage- and the goodyears were to last 50,000?
    Lights on and road noise are also problems- these are definite opportunities for Toyota to improve on if anyone is listening.

    Definitely changing to another brand of tire- sounds like Harmony has been good from these reports

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    I have a 2008 Prius, barely

    I have a 2008 Prius, barely made 40,000 miles on the factory tires, uneven tread wear, outside edges almost gone even though I followed the recommended 5000 mile rotation. Went to Costco and bought the Michelins approved for a Prius which have an 80,000 mileage warranty rather than the energy safer without a mileage warranty but since then the gas mileage has dropped by at least 5 mpg. Guess I should have gone with the energy saver tires. Any comments.

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    What Tires are you using.

    What Tires are you using. Prius are heavy cars and you need a strong side wall 84 should work. You also need to rotate the tires frequently. Unfortunatly there are not any great tires for the Prius Either 81 or 82 sidewall rating with 60-70,000 miles or 84 with low tread life 40,000 miles. Would be nice if they made an 84S 60,000

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    Own a 2002. I replaced OEM

    Own a 2002. I replaced OEM tires with Dunlop SP10's. When rotate tires, every oil change, cross tires from back to front. This eliminated uneven wear. Inflate tires to 35 psi front and back. Getting more than 50K miles between new tire purchases. Looking to buy a new set, my Prius has 177,000 miles on odometer. Problem free so far...

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    It is imperative that you

    It is imperative that you keep your tires at a high PSI on the Prius. We bought a used prius and were wondering why it wasn't getting as good of gas mileage as our other one (It was averaging 36mpg). after a tank of gas I checked the tire pressure. 25psi all around. I bumped it up to 42psi and we are getting 46mpg regularly. If there is that much of a mpg difference you know the tires are wearing hard if you run lower pressures. I check the tire pressure every other fill up now and notice that they do go down so keeping up on tire pressure maintenance is key to the health of your tires. I get over 30,000 miles on my set of Goodyears.

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    You should use the Michelin

    You should use the Michelin x-ICE snowtires for the Prius. I have 42,400 miles on my 2008 Prius and I was told I needed new all season tires when I got the Michelin snows off. Well, I somehow got a roofnail in one snowtire,so I ended up buying Goodyear tires for the Prius. And,hopefully we will not have much more snow. The Prius STINKS in the snow. When U go into a slip,the traction light comes on and then the car will not move...It is really bad,and I think Toyota should do something about this problem. I would like to know if other Prius owners have this problem? Other than that, with 57 MPG in the spring summer I do not complain...Love that gas mileage when I am a petsitter/petwalker and lots of mileage is done.

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    2008 Prius, 36200 miles.

    2008 Prius, 36200 miles. Dealer told me at my last oil change what I already knew. I need tires. Shocking I know!!! My wear was totally even....except the outside. Mostly bald. Again, shocking I know. Here is what the dealer told me. The Toyota hybrid line (Prius/Highlander/Camry) have a different suspension and braking system (which I hope Prius owners know) which puts more pressure on the tires making them wear quicker. Hence why I have 8 of 10cm left on my break pads. Does this make sence...yes but why does a 50,000 mile tire ware out in the 30,000 mile range???? So after reading every post here is what I decided on. I live in the Pasadena, CA area and had a deal w/America's Tire (fyi if you have one near you they are great to deal with) to match a price for Bridgestone Potenza RE960A/S Pole Position a 40,000 mile tire. It has great reviews and was a reasonable price at $87.99. They had to order the tires and they wouldn't be in till monday. I'm on vacation this week and wanted to get this taken care of before I go back to work next week. The manager reccomended the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max. It's a 65,000 mile tire and the way they are designed it helps reduce energy loss as the tire rolls to save about 2,600 miles worth of gas over the life of the tire. Now i'm not giving my outright endorsement to this tire but after one day it is quieter than the Integeritys. Turning at slow speeds creates NO resistance with the steering wheel. It's supose to rain here tomorrow and monday so I'll know how they handle in the rain. I'll post an update in a couple of months. BTY, the manager at America's Tire matched the price of the Goodyears to the Bridgestones. The Goodyears are $95-100 tires.

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    The Goodyear Integrity was

    The Goodyear Integrity was chosen by Toyota for it's low rolling resistance (low friction). This assists the Prius achieve it high MPG. In theory, the use of any other tire will reduce the vehicle's efficiency. By exactly how much is to be determined. Unfortunately, due to the car's weight and tight suspension settings, in some cases, the tires tend wear out quickly. The Goodyear Integrity tire (P185/65R15) has a load index that just barely meets/exceeds the Prius' weight requirements. In the San Francisco Bay Area with all it's hills and mountain roads, most Goodyear Integrity tires on Prius' last between 15000 to 20000 miles. If your driving is mainly straight highway driving, then tire life will be longer. A suggested alternative (by a local Goodyear dealer) to the Goodyear Integrity is the Goodyear Fuel Max Tire. Check with Goodyear and Toyota as to the suitability of this alternative.

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    Our 2001 Prius has ate its

    Our 2001 Prius has ate its share of tires also ,even top of the line Midhelins. Wors than that we lost our main Nmh battery at 90k.We were 5m0. oiut of warranty so it cosat $3200 and change.We went to a tire called"Potenz" that seems to be doing better. Good luck JH

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    Had issues with the tire

    Had issues with the tire light coming on in our 2008 Prius, so had nitrogen put in all the tires about a year ago End of tire light problem, and tire wear does not seem excessive. Will probably bump pressure after reading the comments here!

    On a sadder note, a month ago I bought a used 2009 with 17,000 miles and new front tires (now I know why). Within about a week the tire light came on. Just talked to the dealer today, he says they can't calibrate the two front tire sensors, that likely when the tires were replaced they ruined them. Over $400 to replace them, guess Ill get used to seeing the light. Any other options? He says they can't disable it, it's a federal requirement. (Also used fix-a-flat on my F-150 and that ruined that tire sensor -- replacement cost only $90)

    We do notice a surge and let off feeling in steady highway acceleration, suspect it's something to do with the hybrid system. Which could also affect tires, I'm sure. Doesn't happen when using cruise, but don't think it's the driver as it doesn't happen with my non-hybrid cars.

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