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Thread: Prius Tires

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    Lowered my rear windows and

    Lowered my rear windows and thought I had a helicopter flying overhead. Turns out to be tires that do not wear evenly. The dealer says it is tire pressure. The dealer recommends 32psi. From what I read in your comments 42psi on front and 40psi on rear. My tires need replacing. Have good tread on middle of tire but wear terribly on the inside. My current mileage is 25,800 miles. I am going to keep my rear windows up and get a little more mileage. My question is about tire pressure changing when traveling. As the tires heat up I am sure the air expands. And what happens when one travels in the colder climates. Does air pressure decline in the colder climates. A smaller tire then is prone to uneven pressure depending on the driving conditions. Will this cause tires to wear unvenly? Or is it the allignment on the Prius that gets out of wack easily? Rotate the tires and the out of wack front kills the tires. And what happens if you use a gas vs air pressure. Will that gas be affected by heat and cold like all gasses? Changing the tire type to a Michelin Hydro edge or a Michelin Harmony - Will that increase the tire life? I am going to drive another 5,000 miles and listen to what you have to say. Want a tire that is safe. Gives good road handling and decent mileage. Please keep sharing your thoughts.

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    I own a 2008 PRIUS and today

    I own a 2008 PRIUS and today had my 40,000 mile checkup. I was told I needed new tires.
    I went to COSTCO who was having a special $70 OFF any set of 4 Michelin/Goodyear tires.
    I asked the Tire Rep. what the best tire for my PRIUS was? He informed me that Michelin as just come out in the last three months with a special tire made for the PRIUS. It is call the Michelin Energy Saver A/S. [185 / 65R15 86T] Model No. (MSPN): 31703. A set of 4 cost me $526.16 which includes the mounting & balancing plus the Road Hazard Warranty. Check out Michelin's SPECS on the tire at: http://www.michelinman.com/tires/pas...specifications.
    MAX LOAD/tire = 1,168 lbs. at 44 psi. Recommended tire pressure for daily use is: 35 lbs./Front; 33 lbs./Rear. Treadware grade: 480.

    These tires have only been on the market for 3 months now.

    The Michelin website indicates that:
    "Up to 8% more fuel-eficient than standard tires to save you money."
    "Stops up to 8 feet shorter for added safety."
    "Reduces CO2 emissions as much as planting 40 trees."

    One drawback is that Michelin does NOT do a mileage guarantee on this tire. I was told that it was due to the weight of the PRIUS and its use of the "B" Mode Electromotor deceleration process utilizing the rear tires to slow down the car.

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    Just curious if you got any

    Just curious if you got any replies re:tires for winter. I have a new-to-me 2004 prius and am going into my first winter with it, tyring to find out what tires might get me through snow & some ice.

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    2002 Prius: Original

    2002 Prius:

    Original Bridgestones replaced at 36K---I thought that was too few miles. Ran them at Toyota-recommended 33 back, 35 front (or thereabouts).

    I researched tires, found one I thought would be better in rain---but WalMart here in Beloit WI would not install anything but one of the two recommended, either more Bridgestones or the other, Dunlops. A major consideration is need for the tires to support the extra load.

    Got Dunlops, ran them at 40 psi back, 42 front. Now at 62K, and the Dunlops have worn down to 3-4 /32 and need to be replaced. Far too few miles---won't buy them again.

    Back to Bridgestones, or are there other "approved" alternatives at this point?

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    I have a continued problem

    I have a continued problem with the tire pressure light going on. I've had it reset five times in as many months. Only twice was there a nail in the tires. other times there was either no problem or low inflation. It's a 2008 with about 28000 miles on the tires. The dealership keeps telling me there's no problem with the tire pressure sensor but I beg to differ. Any suggestions?

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    if your Prius is in

    if your Prius is in california I suggest that you research the lemon law and determine your options. I had the same trouble (11 times including several 'flat tire' warnings and pulling over on the freeway) with an audi a-8 purchased new and received a new car.

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    I have a 2002 Prius,

    I have a 2002 Prius, Bridgestone OEM tires lasted only 35K kilometers. Using Falkens now which are wearing well but I don't like how they drive. They will be replaced in the spring with the new Bridgestone Ecopia EP100 energy saver tire. It is available in the early model tire size, unlike the Michelin.
    I have a full set of winters on seperate rims with Blizzaks mounted, these tires are outstanding. I will buy more of them.
    Also, the EP100 does have a 50K mile treadwear warranty. My car has been trouble free and I think rather highly of it.
    But the competition is slowly ramping up and I think Toyota will struggle to maintain it's market lead.

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    I just purchased new tires

    I just purchased new tires for my somewhat new to me 2006 prius. I got 59,000 miles out of the original tires (previous owner said he never changed them). I purchased pirelli p5 recommended by the tire dealer and the tread pattern looks like it would be a great wet/dry tire, dont know about snow as this will be my first winter. I also got a oil change and checked the level and it was overfull. I have only driven 90 miles since oil change and tires but it seems my mileage is much lower, like 5-8 miles at least. I drained some of the oil out and will see what happens. I hope it isnt the tires because they said I should get 70,000 miles out of them and it will kill me to have much lower mileage for that long.

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    Front tire tread almost

    Front tire tread almost completely gone at 40,000 miles. I thought this was bad but from reading everyone's comment I guess I am lucky. Picked up a nasty bolt in right rear tire so now off to the tire shop to get a new set of tires. I was going to just replace the one tire, but the 'guys' in my office said I should replace at least 2 tires. So now with the bolt lodged in my other tire - 2 it is.

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    I just got ripped off at

    I just got ripped off at dealership , with the new set of tires. My mileage dropped 10 mpg. Why did I pay out the wazoo for this hybrid?? Stopped by NTB & they say the ones the dealer put on (under special added dealership ripoff warrantee), are cheap, and they recommend michelin harmony for increased gas mileage, 80,000 miles of use and good traction. ~ $600 for the 4.

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