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Thread: Prius Tires

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    Wow Jerry! Let me see if I

    Wow Jerry! Let me see if I get this right:

    You drove 96,000 miles in your H2. At a generous estimate of 16mpg, you used 6,000 gallons of gas. A Prius owner, at about 48mpg, would have used 2,000 gallons of gas. So you bought an extra 4,000 gallons of gas (conservatively) at an average price of, say, $2.75 a gallon. That's about $11,000 extra. Not to mention the massive depreciation hit you've taken recently (your KBB Private Party Value has sunk to the vicinity of $15,000).

    I'm glad your tires are holding up.


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    I have 40,000 miles on my

    I have 40,000 miles on my 2007 Prius. I have no problems with the tires. They look like they will last another 10,000 at least.
    I have upped the psi to 42/44. It does not seem to help the gas mileage.

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    I have a 2007 prius and have

    I have a 2007 prius and have had it serviced routinely. At about 15,000 I was told I needed new tires. I was outraged! I have about 25,000 miles and am desparetely needing new tires. The Bridgestone Tuaranza and Yokahima (sp) and Kumho (sp) have all been suggested by dealers. This is a big investment can anyone provide me with a brand that has proven to work well on these cars.

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    For what it's worth: My 2008

    For what it's worth:

    My 2008 Prius just turned 18,000 miles on the odometer.

    Still on Factory original tires.

    I put a depth gauge on all 4 tires. They are all between 6/32 and 7/32 tread depth. Tire wear appears to be absolutely even, no sign at all of uneven wear.

    I will probably get a new set of tires at 24,000 miles.

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    Don, I have seen many places

    Don, I have seen many places that recommend that Prius front tires be set at 42psi and the rear tires at 40psi. You are absolutely right about low pressure = more friction = more wear.(and lower mileage).

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    Vickie, Most importantly:

    Most importantly: Make sure you have the same size tire put on your car that Toyota recommends. Some tire dealers try to put a wider or taller tire on your car and it only screws everything (including your mileage) up. I have used Michelin Harmony tires on my Prius and have had excellent luck with them: Good Mileage, Good traction in the snow, Quiet Riding, and long lasting.

    Here's another thing. Toyota recommends around 35psi in your tires. However, it has become unanimous amongst Prius owners and mechanics that 42psi in the front tires, and 40 in the rear tires works best. It will give you the best mileage, as well as the best wear for your tires. Take a look at the Michelin Harmony's. Good luck.

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    2005 Prius. Needed new

    2005 Prius. Needed new tires at 20k miles. I ran them another 10k and got Toyo 800 Premium Touring tires. Rated for 80k miles. Had it aligned at that time. At 47k, it needed new front tires (uneven wear). Talked tire place into free replacement. Another alignment. At 60k miles, tires shot again but I keep running them. Now at 87k miles and just about to start showing steel belt. All sets of tires have worn uneven and cause car to shake/vibrate. These cars cannot be kept in alignment and Toyota won't recognize the issue. Toyota also refuses to fix the self adjusting headlights, even after the warning lights come on. There's even a TSB on that issue and they refuse to even retrieve the code unless I pay them. They claim it's not their TSB. I'll keeo this car only because it's paid for, but I'll not purchase a Toyota product again.

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    I own a 2002 Prius since

    I own a 2002 Prius since new. It has 137,000 miles on the odometer and 50,000 miles on the 3rd set of tires. The original "low friction" tires lasted 35,000 miles and were replaced with Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S 185/60/R14 for the 2nd and 3rd sets. The 2nd set rolled 50,000 miles and the 3rd set appears to be a repeat performance. I didn't see any significant difference in MPG with between the original "low friction" tires and the Michelins which are not labeled "low friction". The tires are still wearing very evenly but I take the car to the Toyota dealer for maintenenace every 5,000 miles and each time they rotate the tires. I have not aligned either the front or rear ends yet. I still get about the same MPG as when the car was new, mostly between 50-54 MPG combined city/highway (highway speed is limited to 55 MPH in Miami). I just took a trip from Miami to Key West and back and the computer displays 56.2 MPG (which probably would calculate to 53-54 MPG when I get to divide the miles driven by the gallons consumed). I never drive over the speed limit (city or highway) and I have developed specific city driving habits that take advantage of the electric motor to keep the gas engine off as much as possible. I haven't had to make any repairs yet on my Prius, not even a light bulb replacement, except for a brake job at 92,000 miles and the HV battery leakage recall at about 50,000 miles. My wife owns a 2004 with 60,000 miles (no repairs yet), my younger son owns a 2004 with 120,000 miles (no repairs yet) and my older son just sold his 2005 Prius for an unbelievable $22,000 with 65,000 miles on it (no repairs); He will order 3rd generation 2010 Prius. I plan to keep my 2002 Prius until the 3rd generation with Li-ion battery comes out (probably 2012). God... I love these cars!.

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    Well, I'd guess you have a

    Well, I'd guess you have a slow leak in your tires. Go to a place that specializes in tires, like American Tires,and ask them to check them out. Too many garages have incompetent folks working.

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    I have a 2007 Prius with

    I have a 2007 Prius with less than 19,000 miles and am having my factory tires replaced. I have rotated tires every 5,000. I was told the weight of the battery causes the tires to wear faster.

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