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Thread: Prius Tires

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    Bought a repo'd 2007 with

    Bought a repo'd 2007 with only 10,000 miles on it. Took it into the dealer for its 15,000 service and both rear tires were out of round and one had humongous flatspots on it. I had been warned that Prius had tire issues, particularly relating to mpg. The service crew told me they'd never seen a Prius tire in such a state. I cant see how a non-drive wheel can have such wear problems unless the brakes are mis-functioning.( I hear and feel no evil whilst driving) these are TOYO tires and apparantly OEM. Any input appreciated. This is the only issue I have with my Pious.

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    72,000 (mostly highway)

    72,000 (mostly highway) miles on my 2006 Prius. Tires have been rotated about 4 times since new. Edges are getting worn and will probably put the first new set of tires on next month so we can go into the winter months with fresh treads. I will try to use the same tire (low rolling resistance) that the car came with to keep the mpg up.

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    I've had two ties go flat on

    I've had two ties go flat on my 2007 Prius (owned since October 06) and I am not even at 30,000 miles yet.
    The tire pressure gauge light always comes on. I have the dealer check it every time I take it in for an oil change (3000 miles) and they tell me it is working fine. They check the tires, give me the car back and --sure enough -- the light is off. I assume tire pressure is fine. Invariably, about five to nine days after the oil change, the gauge light is on again.
    I love my Prius, but I feel like I'm not getting the straight dope here.

    Does anyone know the real deal with this?

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    I have a 2004 Prius with 42k

    I have a 2004 Prius with 42k on it. I'm about to change the tires for the second time. Ouch. The BF Goodrich ( my first replacement did not last long. I'm going to try Michelin this time.

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    We have over 50K on a 2006,

    We have over 50K on a 2006, bought January of that year. Have had one instance, early on, with the tire going flat, and several times the pressure light has come on, with one tire about 10-12 PSI below the others. We love the car and this is a minor issue, but we will probably get new tires soon if it keeps recurring. The tread is still in pretty good shape.

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    I think OEM tires are

    I think OEM tires are usually low compound quality anyway.
    Don't Prius alignments go for all 4 wheels? I'd make sure your alignment man knows what he/she is doing. And just because it's a Toyota Dealership doesn't make it the best at alignment.

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    I too have a 2007 prius, and

    I too have a 2007 prius, and have had three flat tires in less than a year. I love my car, but drive in the country a lot and don't like being stranded. has any one tried no flat tires?

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    No one has commented on the

    No one has commented on the tire pressures they used. I am only at 11,ooo miles and run 44 psi and all seems well. I am sure low tire pressures mean high tire wear and low mpg.

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    we have put 81000 miles on

    we have put 81000 miles on our 2006 prius, has been great. our first set of tires was lost by our local tire dealer when we had studded tires put on. the snow tires wear like iron this wiil our third season coming up. our first set of regular tires only had about 8000 miles the second set that we got were hancooks a 40,000 mile rated tire and we got 40,000 out of them we ponied up and bought a set of 80,000 mile rated toyos and went from a 185 60 15 to a 205 60 15. which is slightly bigger 3 tenths of an inch. but with the wider tire I will sacrifice a mile of econmy for the ride and the quiet. a big difference in ride quality. I will keep you posted on these tires the come highly recommended by a friend who owns a tire store and he put the same tires on his mothers prius.

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    I have 96,000 miles on my

    I have 96,000 miles on my factory tires, and by the look of them, I'll get at least 30,000 more before I am at the wear marks. Each one has taken at LEAST 5 nails/screws/spikes without leaving me stranded, I just get them patched when I notice it. Gee, I guess maybe my 2005 Hummer H2 isn't so bad after all!

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