Finally made my summertime goal of exceeding 1,000 miles on a single tank:

Driver: Hot Georgia
Miles: 1003.4
Gallons: 13.4
Model Year: 2004
Model: Civic Hybrid
Tranny: CVT
Fuel type: 87 Regular
MPG: 74.9
Additives: none
Speed: About 55 average
Road: 95% highway
Average trip: 47 miles
Beginning ODO 74,823
Ending ODO 75,827
Terrain: Very hilly to/from Atlanta to/from rural N. GA
PSI: 51PSI all the way around (Cold sidewall Max)
Tire: Factory LRR Dunlops (About ready for new skins)
Oil: 0-20w Honda dealer stuff
A/C: None

About 140 miles was through the drenching rains from the tropical storm way off shore to the East and at that point really doubted I'd do it. I took it slower in the rain which made this possible.
Whew! I'm ready for another one!