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    Clean Burn Vaporization of Fuel Tech.

    Revolutionary near clean burn Zero Emissions mileage doubling Vaporization of Fuel tech. Including Gasoline, Diesel, Fuel Oil, Kerosene and Ethanol. We are utilizing various reversing of polarity quantum leap processes to transform liquid fuel into a Vapor.

    The ultra safe probably Nobel level configuration installed on a Chevy truck V 8 350 T body platform depicted in the attached pictures (Photo's on Request) is a heat from the exhaust activated version. The configuration depicted has been tested as a Tech. for over 25 years is for Proof of Concept not for production.

    Because various Very advanced far simpler designs are possible. Which apply to Any combustion driven platform. Also Air Planes and Marine. The production version for the truck would be a new designed exhaust manifold with a Water/Steam injection feature which adds a second fuel source.

    There is also an entirely different inline universal application no ware out or moving part as the heat activated version also is. The inline version is Negative Electron activated and has been fully operational for 10 years and achieves a 60% increase in mileage. The device is constructed from probably a 22 ND. Century level alloy. So patents and reverse engineering is moot point. That version is installed on a 200,000 mile driven Fuel Injected 95 Lincoln V 8 in a different state does not have the described below advanced first version revolutionary muffler installed.

    Operational Versions also exist for Diesels. Each Platform group requires a specific designed unit. Which eliminates Smoke, Soot and Glow plugs. Along with increasing mileage about 25%. We also have a ME/EE/PE associate in Boston. He has 45 years experience as a Chief Eng. for about 20 Co's and is European and MIT trained.

    The 92 Chevy 1/2 Ton long box truck depicted in the photos produces According to US Govt. standards basically ZERO Emissions. Plus the 350 V 8 platform has a 15 to 20% power increase factor. Because we are so to speak exploding a vapor not partially igniting a gravitational effected liquid fuel. From an OEM stand point a smaller 4.3 V 6 could be utilized which would require less fuel and still have V 8 power.

    Also installed is an ultra high flow no back pressure noise canceling feature revolutionary Market Capturing Muffler. 3 different sizes of the muffler Tech. would replace every application on this planet from lawn mowers to Semi's. The one installed on the truck will flow up to a 1000 Hp. motor.

    Added various mileage increasing hardware features could push the normal at best 9 to 11 Mpg platform past the currently double the mileage triple on the E way accomplishment to upwards of 40 MPG. The topper detracts about 3 MPG. Current produced vehicles are at best 25% efficient Whereas the truck achieves efficacy in the 98% range.

    There is also a revolutionary very cost effective Non fossil fuel based cheaper than synthetics Oil tech. which would allow 25,000 Mile change intervals. 6000 mile Filter changes would be required.

    Between 58 and 60 Art Fisher here in America Manuf. an Ultra Efficient Carburetor that was purchased and taken off the market by the Oil Co's. As a Tech. it is worth who knows what. Considering the majority of the Auto's on the planet still use Carb's. Verifying the performance dynamics is simple by replacing a Reg. Carb. on a non computer controlled auto. The one I have which could possibly be the only one in existence in private hands is the large version for V 8's.

    Now for other Tech's. Water turned into steam injection using exhaust heat would add a second fuel source. There are very advanced Carb. configurations also that eliminate the need for computer controlled expensive to Manuf. fuel delivery and metering nightmares. Although there is New Port injector combination vaporization possibility. Also There is a theoretical Oil Cleaning system which would keep oil clean for 100,000 miles then a filter would require changing. Adding Oil when necessary would be the only requirement.

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    Clean Burn Vaporization of Fuel Tech.

    Jack, thanks for providing a pretty complete summary of many of the bogus automotive scams of the past few decades. You missed a few, such as the magnets that clip on the fuel line and change the molecular structure of the fuel.

    See http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/pubs/autos/gasave.htm for a more complete list.

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