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    I have had problems with the

    I have had problems with the headlights on my 2006 Prius as well (package #7). I reported it to the dealer this summer (around 30,000 miles). They said they found nothing wrong. The other day, I came home having had great difficulty seeing the road - no wonder, as I had neither headlight working. When I left my car for its 35,000 mile service today, I told the dealer again of the problem. I returned after 5 1/2 hours to find that they had done nothing - the headlight was "performing" and all the components looked good and they didn't have time for further diagnosis (they had my cell phone and could have called me to let me know).

    I am disheartened to realize that this is a manufacturer's flaw and that the response from Toyota is inconsistent and dealer-dependent. With this information, I will contact IRA Toyota in Danvers, MA and see if they will do something more. Please count me among the dissatisfied.

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    I had the exact same problem

    I had the exact same problem as everyone else and called the corporate office: 1-800-331-4331. Someone called my dealership the next day and arranged for the parts to be covered. I am going to pay for it and they are going to reimburse me. So basically, it should just be the cost of labor if you get in contact with the corporate office.

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    this problem with prius

    this problem with prius headlight is very common, happen with me twice one in each side.
    the first time the warranty cover this time my extended warranty didn't cover light bulbs and the dealer want to charge me 278,00 for a light bulb.
    I sad fuck no. I went on eBay and bought 2 for 79,99.
    they are the Phillips d4r from Germany is the same exactly one I had in my 2006 prius,
    I have no mechanic skill at all, but I did myself anyway, is a easy as chance a regular light bulb from the house.
    turn one Black thing, unplug the plug, have a hold iron that u just press to come out and take the light bulb and put the new on in and reverse the process.
    save me over 300 dollars, and took no more then 15 minutes
    the passenger side is a little more difficult, because you got to remove the windshield fluid tank, but is only one screw and 2 plug.
    if anybody have any question can email me and I will be more then glad to help out.

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    Everyone, please make sure

    Everyone, please make sure you know what kind of headlight you have. The problem is with the High-Intensity lights, referred to as HID for the Prius. It is not included in all packages of the Prius. I have been told by several auto parts places that these particular lights can only be bought through the dealers and are not available anywhere else. They are still a relatively new product. It is the entire light that has to be replaced -- not just a bulb. So, please be careful about buying things over the internet.

    Within a week of fixing my light, the other side started having problems, so I have had it fixed and am waiting for my reimbursement for both lights now.

    I would also like to remind people about the low maintenance of the Prius. So far, I have had very little, minor things like oil changes and replacing a windshield wiper and air filter. On the whole, Priuses are very low maintenance. It is unfortunate we all did not realize this problem with the lights and how expensive they are to repair, but I am still a fan of the Prius.

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    Same problem with my 2006

    Same problem with my 2006 level 8 headlights. Can I replace with non HID light?

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    Same problem with my 2005

    Same problem with my 2005 Prius. Somewhat later then most of you poor people, at 55,000 miles. Right headlight out...went to dealer, they wanted $450 to replace a bulb that is NOT burned out, but goes on and off at will. After I picked myself up off the floor, I got real mad. Then I went on this web site, and found out what a real problem we all have. This is an eletrical issue and a saftey issue and Toyota needs to stand behind their cars. We all need to get very vocal and call Toyota and anyone else who will listen. I can't believe all the money spent replacing bulbs, when this isn't the problem. Someone is going to have to lose their life before anything gets done. What a crying shame. Please become proactive and get the word out there anyway you can. I am going to call Toyota, the newspapers, the dealerships, and anyone else that will listen. Sooner or later we will find an ear, that will listen. Toyota complaint # 800 331 4331

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    Thanks "gschaut" and

    Thanks "gschaut" and everyone else that made helpful suggestions.

    I bought a replacement headlight bulb at an auto supply store for under $10 (I do not have the HID lights most of the reports have been about) and within 1 1/2 hours (and after reading the Toyota Prius manual) in my garage with phillips screwdriver, a flashlight and a dental mirror, I was able to replace my driver's side headlight myself!

    I can however see why the dealership wants to charge close to $500 bucks in labor... it was a challenge getting my "man hands" in past the fuse box and twist the plastic boot off. Also... VERY IMPORTANT there is a clip that secures the bulb to the headlight housing... be patient and do not forget to have some electrical grease on hand to prevent any moisture from penetrating the light or wiring harness. It definately was time consuming, but worth not shelling out $450+ and doing it myself. Again... my 2006 Prius does NOT HAVE THE HID headlight option, mine is a standard bulb.

    Good luck to you all still having issues with your Prius'.

    GOD Bless,
    from Indiana

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    I have a 2004 Prius w/85K

    I have a 2004 Prius w/85K miles, out of warranty, and the right HID headlamp has been going off (and on) intermittently for almost 20K miles.

    I called the Toyota corp # provided earlier (thanks!) and filed a complaint, and received a case number.

    When asked what I wanted, I explained that replacing a headlamp for over $400 (parts + labor) was unacceptable, especially when the cause was not "normal wear and tear" but faulty parts.

    A Sylvania HID bulb is about ~$110, and the process of replacing the bulbs (documented several places) takes about 20-30 minutes (for those comfortable working on cars). Even if I were a $300/hr lawyer, that would make the labor only ~$150 for a total of ~$260.

    So, I would be satisfied with Toyota if they replaced the headlamps with quality replacements at no cost to me, and, also provided a list of acceptable replacement headlamp bulbs for those owners out of warranty (like myself) who are willing to do their own replacement.

    I'm not going to hold my breath for this issue, but I can't expect things to change if I don't give feedback.

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    It's amazing to see how many

    It's amazing to see how many complaints there are about Prius headlights - which I Googled, of course, because I'm having the same problem, and I'm in shock about the estimate from the dealer ($900+ for both lights). I filed a complaint with Toyota and with FHSA, but it seems crystal clear that Toyota needs to step up and admit the problem.

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    Well, add another to the

    Well, add another to the list. My wife's 2007 Prius is having the same problem with the drivers' headlamp....On and off when ever it wants.....The car is also having problems with the drivers's rear tail light......I will be taking the car in soon for it is still covered under warranty.....I agree also, that this is a big safety issue that Toyota needs to adress....I will be calling Toyota also at the above number and filing a complaint....

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