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    Posted 2 years ago when both

    Posted 2 years ago when both HL went out. Now another one is out - Looks like the lense leaked rain as it was driving. $199 for the bulb and $100 to replace. If the ECU needs replacing another 300 and to replace the lense another 300. The remove the Bumper cover and losen the Fender skirting is just poor design. There is a a Youtube of a lady tech removing and replacing the bulb in 3 minutes and a couple more of it being done in 15. We need a typical repairs list on a website so we can avoid sticker shock. This is almsot as bad as losing one of the keyless go keys.

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    We have a 2008 Prius with

    We have a 2008 Prius with 75000 miles on it. The Prius is an excellent machine. The low beam on the headlight on the drivers side is now out. This is the only problem we have had. We had a tail light go out - they are very easy to replace. We do not have HID headlights. I will not use them. They blind the heck out of other drivers. Hey, that's just what I need - blind the driver of the 18 wheeler coming at me at 55 mph!!!!! Get rid of the high intensity discharge light bulbs. As far as changing the headlamps there is an excellent video here:
    Anyone with average capabilities and very basic tools can do it.
    Again, get rid of the HID lamps. They blind other drivers, make people angry, cost too much and are not dependable.

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    Hi There Having the same

    Hi There

    Having the same problem with my Prius Headlights. You mention filing complaints with 4 agencies. I am wondering what the agencies are and if you can tell me how to file a complaint with each of them. I will take the time to do this, but don't really know how.

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    Your headlights ballast is

    Your headlights ballast is going out. That is why your experiencing the flicker, or comes on for two minutes and goes out.

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    A class action settlement

    A class action settlement involving the HID headlights on 2006-2009 Priuses has been reached. Information about the settlement can be found at http://www.GirardGibbs.com/Prius.asp.

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    it takes no more than 10

    it takes no more than 10 minutes to change a headlight bulb in 2004-2009 prius. I used to use ge bulbs but they only last for 4-5 months tops. Toyota ones last up to a year for costing under $30 per bulb. First time changing bulb was a learning experience, but still had it done in 20 minutes. on a good day it can take a couple of minutes. 10 minutes max! Its the rubber cover that can cause grief. I'll gladly accept $400 for 10 minutes of my time though!

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    There is a class action

    There is a class action lawsuit against Toyota right now. It is for the intermittent headlights. I just signed onto it. We have been having problems with headlights. We bought Prius in 2006,produced in 4/06. Not long after we bought it,headlights started being a problem. Difficult to get help from Toyota dealership and Toyota rep. Find info online about lawsuit against Toyota. I found pages and pages of complaints about their intermittent headlights,etc. Hope this is helpful info for you.

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    I would really like to get

    I would really like to get rid of the HID headlamps. Is this easy to do? I am relatively handy, but the owners manual says nothing of switching out to normal lamps. Any suggestions? And does this solve the problem?

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    I just got a class action

    I just got a class action settlement thing in the mail about the prius headlights. Toyota has agreed to extend the warranty to 5-years, 50,000 miles.

    I'm at 35,000 and I havent had a problem yet.

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