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    Wow I read so many posts. I

    Wow I read so many posts. I too have a 2006 non hid lights and replaced both lights 6 months ago and one went a week ago now their both out. Does not look like Toyota has taken ownership of the issue.

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    In Lisbon, Portugal is the

    In Lisbon, Portugal is the 3 time the headlamps are being replacede and the cost was about 25 Euros.

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    I have the same issue with

    I have the same issue with 2008. The headlights (initially the driver side and now the passenger side within 1 year) go on and off. I have to switch the control to turn it back on. Toyota says it will cost 150$ + 100$ for service...which is ridiculous.

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    I have exactly the same

    I have exactly the same issue with Toyota Prius 2008 model. in 2009 I had to change the driver side headlight bulb as it would turn on and off (then it was covered by the warranty). Now the passanger side is acting up too...and the Service Dept. says it will cost 250 (bulb + service) to change this bulb and it's not covered since i have reached 37k.
    I believe it's too soon to have this kind of issues with this relatively new car.

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    This is normal when the

    This is normal when the lights start to go bad. You need to change out both bulbs. My Toyota dealor wanted $778.00 to do both. Go on You tube and you will find a how to. Get the correct bulbs.

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    My 2007 Prius Passenger side

    My 2007 Prius Passenger side headlight went out. I found this post on the internet http://www.wikihow.com/Change-the-HID-Headlights-on-a-2007-Prius-(Without-Removing-Bumper). I bought 2 bulbs through Amazon yesterday for $100 for the pair:
    2 "Philips D4R Xenon HID Headlight Bulb, Pack of 1"
    Automotive; $49.99
    Sold by: GenuineXenon. They came in the mail in 1 day $4.54 shipping and handling. I took about an hour to do it. A small mirror is key so that you can see the clips and how they come off and go back on. I called the local dealer to see how much I saved and they quoted $150 for the bulb and $50 for the labor. I'm going to save the other new bulb until a headlight stops working, who cares if one light is slightly brighter?

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    Same problem with my 2006

    Same problem with my 2006 Prius. I'm calling Toyota National this week. Anyone have a good phone number?

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    I guess I'm lucky...bought

    I guess I'm lucky...bought our 2005 in August of '05 and the passenger side went out about three weeks ago. I found replacements for the headlights and both fogs (switching over to HID's for the fogs) for $180.00 online. B.T.W., both fogs had gone out as well.

    Just saw complete replacement headlight assemblies for $170.00 online.

    My concern is that there is a certain rate of failure, repeat of failure, cost of replacement bulbs per piece from Toyota (quoted $175.00 per at Hanlee's Toyota of Davis, CA two weeks ago) and the different quotes from dealers to have them replaced. And, that doesn't count the cost for the fogs.

    First of all, who the F was the designer of such a CLUSTER F? The design of and the act of replacing bulbs is ridiculous! Most likely an after thought. It's absolutely irresponsible of Toyota to have allowed this without saying a word about it but that's the way it goes with ANY CAR MANUFACTURER. As unfortunate as it is I would do it all over again!

    Now I guess it's time to head out and replace both headlight bulbs and both foglight bulbs; just trying to find the best way to do it. :-))

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    I have had the same problem

    I have had the same problem with my 2004 Prius (both headlights) while under waranty. The waranty charge was over $400 each time (replaced headlight computer also).
    I now have a 2006 Prius which is having intermitant on off problems. In this case the warranty and extended warranty is long gone.
    I am willing to help in way that I can to make Toyota fix this problem.

    Also my catalytic converter light came on (2002 Prius) and was told that to replace it would cost $2300 +. The converter can be purchased and installed out of the State of California or bootlegged for under $200.
    I would think that this would fit under the RICO act. But one problem at a time.
    Harry Morgan

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    Because they are HID this is

    Because they are HID this is a sign to replace them. Mine have done this now for 6 months and the only difference is that I need to flick them off and back on much more frequently. I now have the motivation to get outside, yes it is 27, and do this. I'll get back on when I finish.

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