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    I read 10-30,000 miles!

    I read 10-30,000 miles!

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    It took my mechanic less

    It took my mechanic less than 20 minutes to change the one headlight and he charged me $40 (I decided not to do both). Contrary to what I have read on the internet, you do not have to disassemble the car to do so. It does not take 1 1/2 hours to change a bulb! And it does not take an expert Prius technician.

    This mechanic had never changed a bulb out on a Prius before. He said his computer program estimated that it should take 20 minutes to change out this bulb.

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    What is the number of the

    What is the number of the bulb and do you have to buy from a Toyota dealer?

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    I must admit that I'm really

    I must admit that I'm really amused at all of the hooting and hollering by some about "needs to be recalled" and all that just because they took their car to the DEALERSHIP and they quoted you an arm and a leg. News flash: The back door is where dealerships make a lot of money.

    Meanwhile, a lot of smarter folks hooked their thumb over their wallet, walked out and found out Plan B (do it yourself or get a non-dealership mechanic to do it) is just as good and costs a lot less.

    There are even YouTube videos on how to do this repair. The driver's side can be done in under 10 minutes......similar with the passenger's side.

    It's just a stinkin' light bulb.

    And FWIW, our 2005 Prius with 96,000 miles and HID lights is still on the original bulbs.

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    I have a 2004 Prius and fine

    I have a 2004 Prius and fine doing the work . I have had the passangers side replaced by the dealer who is 125miles from home. After giving me a total cost of 180. over the phone. After replacement the cost was 234.29 ,telling me he made a mistake as to price of bulb. Said the lowest he could charge for the bulb was 185.
    I found the bulb at Napa for 80. but the install instr. I have found are different than the why my drivers side light is put together. There is a cup covering the full tail on the back between the headlight and fuse box. Any ideal where there are instructions for this model.

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    My 2007 Prius has the same

    My 2007 Prius has the same headlight problem. I was quoted just under $600 to replace one passenger side headlight bulb.

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    try v-leds.com about 125$

    try v-leds.com about 125$ for hid light and ballast

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    Same problem, 2008 Prius.

    Same problem, 2008 Prius.

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    The number of the bulb is

    The number of the bulb is D4R. Go online or to Pep Boys, Kragen auto to get this part.

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    I am just a 24 year old

    I am just a 24 year old student and both of my headlights went out last night. I went to Kragen this morning and got the generic 9003 bulbs for less than $20 total. It took me about a half hour to replace the bulbs. I did not read a "how to" though I probably should have. The driver side is easily done if you take off the lid to the fuse box, but the passenger side required unscrewing one screw to make it easier for my hands to reach. First, you unplug the bulb. Then, there is a rubber buffer in which you just turn to loosen. There is a metal spring that keeps the bulb in place. Just push it down and up, and it unhooks. Take the old bulb out and position the new bulb in. Replace the spring and the rubber, and then plug it back in. You're good to go!

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